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« Hello, We're pleased to announce that a new site for depositing files is available on our website (beta version). This site lets you share useful files and resources with the Win… »
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« Hello, We have the pleasure of presenting to you in these three pages, the new examples and components included in version 14 of WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile. For WinDev: htt… »
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« Hello everyone, You can check out the new videos of version 14 in English, on our website. You will find them here: http://www.windev.com/pcsoft/videos.html These technical video… »
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« Dear Sirs, I have bought Windev Mobile 11, I'm currently using the v12. Where can I get the ODBC driver for Hiperfile CS? I didn't find it on the v11 CD ROM. Could you send me a l… »
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« I'm new to this, so please be patient. How do I send the data on the PPC Hyperfile, to a PC, so I can pull it into a Firebird SLQ database in a Delphi Codegear 2007 application. … »
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« I have a mobile application windev attacking a database SQL server2000 SP4 which is in a remote server, the connection is made through OLE DB through the Internet. When testing wit… »
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« Hello, We are pleased to announce that new testimonials from the USA have been added to our website. You can read about what project managers from different parts of the USA have … »
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« Hello all, I have used .NET library(DLL) in my mobile application and when i try to launch the application on my pocket pc, it does not run. whereas it do run on my pc in simulati… »
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« Pls help..... when trying to print a logo from my WinDevMob application to a mobile printer via bluetooth by using iPrintImage, i got the following error message: Echec de l'impr… »
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« Hi All, Can anybody tell me wether Windev 12 Mobile supports printing to Zebra Printers through Bluetooth or Wireless. I am using a Zebra QL 420 Plus and MZ 320 printer. I am not … »
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