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« I have a button in my app that is supposed to open up the device photo album so that you can select an image from your photos. With Android 11, it seems like AlbumPicker doesn't wo… »
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« Hi, I'd like to know why WM allows invalid dates like the ones you can see in the attached image: https://www.screencast.com/t/QK72WVbxxupf The entry is a date field, input mask is… »
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« Hi I want to print an HTML document with my WindevMobile 21 (Android) app but I have a problem with the caracter ", I tried to write """" but it prints "". An example: fSaveText(… »
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« Failure creating the Android application named <C:\My Mobile Projects\DenyMarketApp\Exe\Android application\DenyMarketApp.apk>. Command Line: "C:\Users\aykut\AppData\Roamin… »
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« How to detect if the text file you are accessing/opening is ansi or unicode format?… »
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« Hello, I am currently using Windev Mobile 24 to build apps for both IOS and Android. A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Google saying that we need to make our apps compatib… »
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« Hi, When i want to edit an Edit Control (write something), IOS keyboard pops up. But i can't see what i write. Any suggestion please? … »
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« Hi, I have created a looper. There is a button and a checkbox. Simply, Checkbox (any kind) does not return the selected row's index. ResSelect is int = Looper_Order_Products.Sele… »
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« Hello, I can connect and send email with WM 26. But i need an attached PDF file which is generated automaticly from a REPORT. How to do that? Imagine, you add products to Cart. W… »
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« Hello friends, xnum is int = FTPConnect("ftp://ftp.mydomain.com", "adminacc", "passw", 21 ) FTP Connect does work fine when i test it with Simulation (debug on iphone) When i … »
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