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« Hello. We have been receiving this error for a long time, and we can't find out what's the cause of it. We can't even reproduce it. Bad call parameters for 'Declaring the global… »
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« So I have made an app for android and ios but there is an issue where devices with different resolutions would either result in the UI being too big or too small making it incredib… »
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« Hi all, I have to avoid to the users to "go around" the operating system. The users have only to use my applications. Other functions will be disabled like this app https://play.g… »
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« Hello, I'm trying to run a process in another thread to avoid blocking the UI, but i'm having a problem with the database. In this thread, I do some updates in a table of a local… »
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« Hi , anyone know how to add a jar file properly in windev? i tried adding a repository and added implementation in the dependecy by modifying the wdjava.build this works, but what… »
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« I have a Main windows with an HTML Control. I load a website in it, but for simplicity let's load just the portion of the code which is making me crazy like this. HTML_Control = … »
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« Hi, I'm new to WindevMobile. I'm to create database in a hosting server which provide both MySQL and Postgresql. However, they will not allow me to install PC Soft webservice in t… »
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« I'm using Windev Mobile 24. Project set for Android configuration. In a "ComboBox + edit" it's impossible type any character like in a edit box and start the search. The character… »
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« Hi, Im trying to receive a notification push from PHP in Windev Mobile 24, but only the title and message properties are comming. Im try several php format, include the windev noti… »
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« Hi We have started receiving this error. Hopefully a simple resolution and we will not have to uninstall and reinstall everything. This error now occurs even on new projects. Hope… »
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