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Apks 64 bits
Iniciado por Paulino, 09,ago. 2019 19:32 - 3 respuestas
Publicado el 09,agosto 2019 - 19:32
Olá mais alguem está tendo problemas para fazer a versão 64 bits ?
Publicado el 14,agosto 2019 - 23:44
Esta mensagem que mandou, não responde a pergunta ?

Gostaria de saber se a PcSoft vai continuar calada, pois comprei minha licenca a menos de um ano e agora não estou recebendo o suporte da propaganda.
Publicado el 15,agosto 2019 - 23:40
Yes the post DOES ANSWER your question. If you did not get the answer the answer is: 1) IF YOU DONT HAVE VERSION 24 YOU CANNOT MAKE 64BIT ANDROID APPLICATIONS. They will not make the 64BIT framework available for version 23 you must buy the upgrade. 2) PCSOFT does not participate directly on this forum that is one of their rules, if you want to raise the same question to them directly and you have a legal license you can submit a ticket through your Free support tool and they will answer you. They will never answer you through the forums, just people whom uses the environment and want to help others will answer here. I hope the information mentioned above answers your question.