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WACOM STU Signature Pads.
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Hola a todos !

Si os hace falta incorporar las firmas electronicas utilizando los Pads de WACOM (como en las agencias bancarias), aqui teneis un componente que funciona. La descripcion esta en inglès / francès, pero no hay problema para informaros en espagnol.

New features
New version including needed code to integrate the Driver and SDK to install on the targetted PCs. Version available from WD 23.
Tests performed with STU-430, STU-530, STU-540 on W7, W8.1, and W10.

This component and its example allow to scan a signature from WACOM pads whose type are STU-300 / 4X0 / 5X0, to link it to a document and to be able to check its authenticity regarding this last. The signatures are encrypted in order to keep a maximum security and to guarantee their validity.

IMPORTANT : in order to use the example, you need to have the Component Kit. You can download all the files from the folIowing URLs :


To contact me : info ARROBASE iim.ch

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