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« Hi, This message is to announce that WinDev 23, WebDev 23 and WinDev Mobile 23 are now available (pre-release version). You will find the download link here : http://www.windev.… »
Started on May. 07 2018 by
« Hi: I am relatively new to WinDev and have written an application that uses a Windows app, Mobile apps (windev mobile) and web app (webdev). The apps were originally written in Ve… »
Started on Jun. 15 2009 by
« Hi Guys Many years ago I wrote some routines to access a UK HMRC WebService. All was good. Recently, I had some issues with the service calls failing, but I was not receiving suit… »
Started 2 days ago by
« Hi I am new to windev and would like to know if there is a way to add a metatype to a datafile column which has already been created. I've imported an Access database, and would l… »
Started on Feb. 10 2019 by
« Hi, one of my clients want's to print an A5 report twice. One for the customer. One as internal copy. He's already using special A4 paper for it, which has a tear perforation line … »
Started on Feb. 04 2010 by
« I'm using WinDev to process lab testing data, delivered by a Siemens PLC (300 series) over TCP. I do not use the OPC server software of Siemens, but I use direct communication betw… »
Started on Jan. 31 2014 by
« Since neither RETURNTOCAPTURE or SETFOCUS work in a Universal Windows 10 app, how can I focus on a particular control? What command will work in WINDEV? -- Vincent D Crosby… »
Started on Feb. 05 2019 by
« Hi, I need to get data (telephone calls) from a Siemens Hipath Telephone System. Anyone done this before? Not really a Windev question maybe. On the other hand: I need to integrate… »
Started on Dec. 01 2009 by
« Hello, i need solve this problem. We have Windev 23 and Webdev 23. If we try to add new table from existing As400 database (via native access), Windev crash. In event viewer is th… »
Started on Jan. 28 2019 by
« Hi, 1) What's the command to select a certain table row & column in windev ? "TableSelectPlus" is to select the row... How about the column ? 2) And will it becomes EDIT entry … »
Started on Nov. 14 2007 by