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« "I accidentally deleted photos and videos from Samsung, and I'm almost broke!! How can I recover my low data from Android phone? Can you tell me I know many people have lost Andro… »
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« ciao! scrivo da Ferrara e sono alla ricerca di utilizzatori di Win/Web Dev per scambio di opinioni… »
Started on Mar. 27 2008 by
« Hi everyone, Got another challenge for you wonderful windev guru's We have a client who has a SQL Server solution that we are developing a Windev 24 & Windev Mobile 24 solution to… »
Started on May. 22 2020 by
« Dear The C language structure: struct usb_device { struct usb_device *next, *prev; char filename[LIBUSB_PATH_MAX]; struct usb_bus *bus; struct usb_device_descriptor descriptor; … »
Started on May. 24 2020 by
« Error loading project or project windows. I have delete connection in analysis. And first recompile after repair (upgrade) project . After apply template style to project... Now I … »
Started on May. 24 2020 by
« Very easy for very experts, I think... is possible to change the color and/or background of the fields with the "Mandatory input" flag active? obviously I'm looking for the most … »
Started on May. 21 2020 by
« Hello everyone and I hope you are all safe and well in these unprecedented times. I am hoping someone may be able to shine some light on an issue that so far I have been unable to… »
Started on May. 22 2020 by
« Hi all, I have a bunch of edit fields, normal and RTF, and I use the Word spellchecking for these fields which is working OK. I added a few Wordprocessing controls, but they do no… »
Started on May. 04 2020 by
« Hi Gents, as far as you all know, is there any Windev function that allows to retrieve the list of Windows tasks with their ID? Thank you for your support. BR, Antonino… »
Started on May. 13 2020 by
« Hi all, I'm a little puzzeld obout this for a couple day's now. Is there somebody that has some experience with reading MP3 tags ? I have a huge MP3 collection, and I like to wri… »
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