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« How to calculate Unix timestamp in windev?… »
Started on Jan. 14 2021 by
« Bonjour, J'ai un soucis avec une connexion à un fichier Access. Lorsque je test le programme (GO mode) il n'y a aucun soucis mais une fois générer ça ne fonctionne pas :/ Je n'ai… »
Started on Nov. 29 2020 by
« Hello, I want to migrate a huge Foxpro application and I am looking into WINDEV. After spending some hours trying things out, I ran into one problem I could not solve. Because I w… »
Started on Jan. 15 2021 by
« windev code: secretKey is string= "Gu5t9xGARNpq86cd98joQYCN3*******" srcStr is string = "GETcvm.tencentcloudapi.com/?Action=DescribeInstances&InstanceIds.0=ins-09dx96dg&Limit=20&No… »
Started on Jan. 13 2021 by
« Hi, We have a project, to create database manager on windev mobile for android. first we have to be able select master data or transaction data on table control (We use pane to do… »
Started on Jan. 12 2021 by
« Can windev use SDK in JAVA or .NET? and How to do it?… »
Started on Jan. 12 2021 by
« Hi,anybody,i need use HTTPAddParameter to send array value.But there is no official case. Can it be done? How should it be done? Has anyone done a similar API Application? Hope to… »
Started on Jan. 10 2021 by
« Hi I need to do the below To retrieve an API Token  Make a POST request to https://api.borderexpress.com.au/token with a header of: "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencod… »
Started on Nov. 05 2020 by
« Hello Everyone, I am working on a magnetic card reader (by USB). It has usb-to-serial converter. But when I insert it to my computer, the device manager in Windows system only sh… »
Started on Jan. 25 2016 by
« Hi and thanks for the Help in advanced. How can I prevent the user to close the tab For example If the User clicks on the Tab (X) to close it Thank you Best regards Carlos… »
Started on Jan. 02 2021 by