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« Hi, This message is to announce that WinDev 24, WebDev 24 and WinDev Mobile 24 "Final version" are now available (240063m). You will find the download link here : https://www.wi… »
Started on Apr. 18 2019 by
« In a direct entree in a scheduler (not aaf) a numeric character does not trigger the 'before creating the appointment'? Typing for example 'a' enables it, but not '1'. why is that … »
Started 2 days ago by
« i think is the time of the year, that we as customer can suggest what we think it should come as new features in the new version of the Windev PCSOFT products. As you know they mi… »
Started on Jul. 05 2019 by
« I am populating the Table control with records using TableAddLine. The records are read from an external file. Algorithm is as shown below: BTN_getFileData - fileID = fOpen(fileNa… »
Started on Jul. 30 2019 by
« This is probably very simple but I can't find an automatic way to do it. I have a table which is linked to a query. This works fine. However, if I then select a row and call a win… »
Started 5 days ago by
« When we deploy our project as a .NET assembly, the forms, which are opened using the Open function, are not displayed modal. The assembly is being imported in to C# project. Any id… »
Started 5 days ago by
« Hi, My client needs to enter only some codes in the scheduler, mostly numerical codes. It seems absurd but when I create a standard scheduler control and try to enter only a number… »
Started 6 days ago by
« Hi all I am new to WinDev and just trying it out, although from what I have seen so far, I will be moving over very shortly. I've only started on it a few days ago, so please bear… »
Started 6 days ago by
« when I set lineheigth to a looper, every rows change their heigth, it's normal behaviour. If I set a single row heigth then this row is always that heigth even if I use lineheigth… »
Started 6 days ago by
« in Windev24 I create a LOOPER, insert an static (STC_1) and fill it (programmatically or via query) with 1000 rows programmatically: nCount is int = 1 WHILE nCount<=1000 Loope… »
Started on Jun. 19 2019 by