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« Hello, Version 22 "Update 1" is available (220071N). You will find the download link here : http://www.windev.com/ts/download/index.html -- Best Regards, >PC SOFT… »
Started on Jul. 24 2017 by
« Hi guys, I would like to know how I can manage a MAP CONTROL, in an Android app, using JAVA instead of WL functions that are limited and do not fulfill my needs. I would like to … »
Started on Jan. 16 2017 by
« Hello, I have a problem with iPhone, I have a button with code on event Long Press, I use RecorderAction only for save a voice on the iPhone but the code doesn't work and the butt… »
Started on Sep. 22 2017 by
« Hi, My first try to create an app to iOS is giving problems with HFSQL. App runs well on iPhone, reads data from files, but when using hdelete or hsave errors are returned, for exa… »
Started on Oct. 02 2017 by
« Hello, I need to retrieve the profile of the current user that is found in the contact manager native of an android smartphone. In the local contact manager of a smartphone (andr… »
Started on Oct. 02 2017 by
« Procedure CAM_ImagemToArrayBytes(LOCAL PathImagem, LOCAL Tipo) //Converter a imagem de um local do disco em Array de Bytes e gravar via webservice ////////////////////////////////… »
Started on Nov. 24 2014 by
« Procedure Busca_Tag_Xml(docXml is string,Tag is string ) PosicaoFinal01 is int = 0 PosicaoInicial01 is int = 0 Valor is string = "" PosicaoInicial01 = PositionOccurrence(docXml… »
Started on Sep. 24 2017 by
« Good afternoon, I have a java class with commands to operate the data collector. I added the .jar to the project, I imported it into the procedure. When I go to compile the p… »
Started on Jul. 31 2017 by
« Procedure WS_RemoveAcentos(LOCAL Texto ) ChangeCharset(charsetOccidental) // SEM ACENTO nTamanho is int = Length(Texto) Texto = Replace(Texto,CRLF,"") Texto = Replace(Texto,TAB,"… »
Started on Dec. 09 2014 by
« Has anyone connected, via Android, a SQL Server database through the SQLConnectWS function? I'm having difficulty in syntax, I need to inform the server + instance + database (usi… »
Started on Sep. 08 2017 by