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« I want to generate an app on WinDev Mobile 22 At the very end, I have these messages Failed to create the Android application <C: \ My Mobile Projects \ My_AndreamProject \ Ex… »
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« How to print QR image on bluetooth thermal printer… »
Started on Sep. 21 2022 by
« As on some other topic, which has been fixed, (http://forum.pcsoft.com/en-US/windevmobile/26508-cle-google-map-lors-generation-application-android-26510/Read.awp), I want to genera… »
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« does anybody know, which Compression-Method the WinDev-Function Compress() uses and maybe, how to decompress the result in php? The API of WinDev only says "binary" compression, b… »
Started on Sep. 15 2022 by
« Using Windev Mobile 27 in an Android app: nFid is int = fOpen(gsPath+"textfile.txt",foAnsi+foRead) fSeek(nFid,0,fpBeginning) s is ANSI string = fRead(nFid,100) info(s) shows a blo… »
Started on Sep. 13 2022 by
« Good Day Is there a way to prevent a mobile app to use the back function? Regards Ruan du Preez… »
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« I am trying to send a photo from android to a webservice, I tried both saving the photo in hfsql, and taking it from the directory test with paht: sTipoRic is string sTest is strin… »
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« My application saves a report to PDF and I use ShellExecute to open the document, it allows me to share it via AirDrop, Email etc... Once I AirDrop it, the format is no valid when… »
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« GOOGLE TRASLATE... Good. I have a fully functional application in windev mobile, this application when installed carries a series of images that are saved in a table with more dat… »
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« Hi all! Has anyone had problems with iOS and the ActionBar? To me it only displays a black bar on iPhone 8 and next. No problem on the iPhone 6S. … »
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