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« Hello, Version 22 "Update 1" is available (220071N). You will find the download link here : http://www.windev.com/ts/download/index.html -- Best Regards, >PC SOFT… »
Started on Jul. 24 2017 by
« Hello I have a problem with the UncryptStandard and CryptStandard, it works on Android Windev Mobile 20 but when I save the buffer on a table on my server and I want to Uncrypt th… »
Started 3 days ago by
« Hello Like the Title said, I want to get the path of the SDCard of the device, I tried to use java code but all I found it's to get the local memory device that it's also an sdca… »
Started 2 days ago by
« Hi All, I am looking to start my latest app from a URL and have it read parameters from the URL. In java, I would do something like: String param1 =getIntent().getExtras.getStri… »
Started 2 days ago by
« Silly question, that I can't seem to locate an answer to. I have a 3rd party java library (.jar file) from a vendor. How can I include this in a WM22 android application so that I… »
Started 3 days ago by
« hello to everybody this seems a very stupid question, but I can't find a solution I applied a shadow to the caption of a combo box control, just to see what happens... mmm... cha… »
Started on Mar. 15 2018 by
« Hello to everybody in my current app I'm using the FTP connection to get a file. everything is fine with Android and iOS BUT for the Universal Windows 10 app the FTP function ar… »
Started 5 days ago by
« Hello I'm trying to communicate with an app via intents. The app is self made and in Android studio we've managed to get this code working: Intent myIntent = new Intent(); myInte… »
Started on Mar. 15 2018 by
« hello to everybody as in the subject, what is the best way to tranfsert files (e.g. pictures captured with a Windev Mobile App) between platforms? thanks folks!… »
Started on Mar. 11 2018 by
« hello to everybody as in the subject, i'm developing an App with Windev Mobile but when I deploy it to the android device (an Asus ZenPad 3s) I can't reach, with the file manager,… »
Started on Mar. 09 2018 by