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« Hi, We're happy to announce that pre-release version of WINDEV 2024, WEBDEV 2024, and WINDEV Mobile 2024 is ready for download on our website. You'll find it here : https://winde… »
Started on Nov. 23 2023 by
« Bonjour Devs, J'ai un champ HTML dans lequel je charge une carte Mapbox, Depuis que je suis passé à la version 28 j'ai l'erreur suivante : "Erreur durant le chargement de la page… »
Started on Nov. 26 2023 by
« "Good morning. I need some guidance as I'm having trouble trying to integrate an .aar file successfully; it won't let me edit the build.gradle file.… »
Started on Nov. 17 2023 by
« Hi, We're happy to announce that new version 2024 of WINDEV, WEBDEV, and WINDEV Mobile coming soon ! See what's new in version 2024 : https://windev.com/newfeatures Discover the … »
Started on Nov. 17 2023 by
« Friends, good morning. My question is; do you know if WinDev Mobile has any function to reset the global state of an app after any special process. For example, I have an app that… »
Started on Nov. 13 2023 by
« Hi Does anyone know how the syntax to either disable or trap the press of the android back button ? or is it my design, i have a multi-pane screen, i can navigate back a pane wi… »
Started on Mar. 07 2018 by
« Hello! I have a java function inside of my procedures and I need the class of that function to inherit from the Service class from Android to run the startForeground() function. I… »
Started on Sep. 07 2023 by
« I want to connect Crashlytics Firebase to my android app. I add the Crashlytics SDK when deploying the project, but I'm having trouble adding the Crashlytics Gradle plugin. Where d… »
Started on Oct. 17 2023 by
« Hi, I notice that when testing my application within simulator no telemetry data is sent. Is it normal behaviour? And if so, is it possible to override somehow? Thing is I have a … »
Started on Nov. 04 2023 by
« Can anyone post a example of how to call some java code in a global function. Some as simple as in global procedures you have public static int getNumber() { return 5; } how do … »
Started on Oct. 04 2023 by