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« Dear All, How can I create a control shown below in a webdev page? NB, the count is dynamic and change based on number of records. Many tks in advance? -- Thanks in advance Fe… »
Started on Apr. 08 2020 by
« Hi I have a problem with a looper's totals The lopper is Ajax, it is loaded by code. I add the lines I need with a Looper.Add (.....) then I insert the values, save the record in t… »
Started on May. 22 2020 by
« Two things I can't find in the manual; as in a screen, automatically enter an edit control (define the first editable field) and put the cursor to insert text. Secondly, there is a… »
Started on May. 21 2020 by
« When I deploy my site in the setup wizard (option: Create setup by Physical media) I want to include again the (Exe/Gpw_<proj>/)GPU_User.FIC groupware file (that I excluded d… »
Started on May. 20 2020 by
« When accessing a Rest Webservice that was deployed to de WEBDEV server I get the following message. During testing in “debugging the webservice” everting runs smoothly. {"fault" :… »
Started on Apr. 02 2020 by
« Hi, I've tried to do a report in WEBDEV 25 and realised that the area where you put your data doesn't line up properly with the Start of Document, Page Header, Body, Page Footer a… »
Started on May. 19 2020 by
« Hi all, My name Gilberto, I've been a developer for 20 years, I've been using WX for over two years and I'm also starting with Python, R and Data Science. I have experience with d… »
Started on Mar. 30 2020 by
« Dear All, How can I get the UserName and Machine Name from a WebDev Application. This is required for Audit-Trail purposes. Combing through the webdev help files without success.… »
Started on Apr. 10 2020 by
« Hi there, I am using in a control map mapdisplayposition() but is not working, my code is MyPosition is geoPosition MapDisplayPosition(MAP_MyMap, MyPosition) or MapDisplayPosit… »
Started on May. 06 2020 by
« Good morning I have a problem with the Password field (EDT_) In the new user registration screen there are about 10 EDT fields, the password field and a combobox with a list of co… »
Started on May. 05 2020 by