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« Hi, We're happy to announce that version "Update 2" (280094S) of WINDEV 28, WEBDEV 28, and WINDEV Mobile 28 is ready for download on our website. You'll find it here : https://wi… »
Started on Aug. 07 2023 by
« HI All - Is there a way to lighten the color of table row when using ..Background color? The isn't an ..opacity option in the list. The colors are too bold and make it like the ta… »
Started on Jun. 08 2023 by
« I'm trying to deploy my first WEBDEV REST web service. I'v tested it locally, and it works as expected, so now I want to deploy it on the Windows Server 2012 DB/WWW server. The Se… »
Started on Jun. 06 2019 by
« I'm working on a small HTML and JavaScript project, and I'm encountering an issue with converting strings to numbers. I have an input field in my HTML where users can enter a numbe… »
Started on Aug. 31 2023 by
« I did uninstall visual studio , then when I tried to run Webdev it send a message "missing vcruntime14.dll" I reinstalled the upgrade and bow I don't get the error but Webdev stops… »
Started on Jul. 21 2023 by
« Just deployed a webdev server to Ubuntu 22.04 and was hoping the admin users could be centralised user accounts via normal pam auth with sssd. Sadly this isn't working out of the b… »
Started on Aug. 18 2023 by
« Good day For some reason I am unable to upload any new sites or updates to my sites. I am getting this error: Can anyone please help me to fix this. Regards Ruan… »
Started on Aug. 18 2023 by
« Hi Fellow Developers. I have a base64 encoded string stored into text variable in my database called photo_text. I need to display this on my WebPage (WebDev) in an image control: … »
Started on Aug. 02 2023 by
« In webdev 27 and 28 some of my tables are not loading all the data they are passed until i select the last row in a table then it will proceed to load the rest but not all of my ta… »
Started on Jul. 17 2023 by
« I am trying to get training that is provided by PC Soft for WebDev. The challenge is I do not speak French. Has anyone been through their programming. Does anyone have any ideas? I… »
Started on Feb. 22 2022 by