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« I need help please. Private store. I enter the WDBAAS_US, I enter the username and password, I download the application from my private store, I open the application on my phone an… »
Started on Oct. 26 2022 by
« Good day Is there a way that I can go to my application in the play store after I push a button? Regards Ruan… »
Started on Oct. 24 2022 by
« Good Day How can I see the version of the app installed on my android? I want it display the version like: i tried: IV is InfoVersion Info(IV.VersionNumber) Get no inf… »
Started on Jul. 21 2022 by
« Hi We want to create a simple Alarm, so it rings at a specified time. We have created a background procedure which seems to work but runs only every 15 minutes. A Widget only ref… »
Started on Oct. 13 2022 by
« I'm developing an Android app with a SQLite database in WM21 but I can't find the way to execute SQL statements like ALTER TABLE. Query editor don't suport this kind of statements… »
Started on Oct. 10 2022 by
« i display list of images from api and i want to save them in cache folder and then read them when i open again the app i read from the cache in case i find the file name… »
Started on Oct. 09 2022 by
« Using Windev Mobile 27 in an Android app: nFid is int = fOpen(gsPath+"textfile.txt",foAnsi+foRead) fSeek(nFid,0,fpBeginning) s is ANSI string = fRead(nFid,100) info(s) shows a blo… »
Started on Sep. 13 2022 by
« HI, does anyone know how to implement certificate fixation with windev mobile, I have already done what the google documentation indicates by adding the existence of the networkSec… »
Started on Oct. 01 2022 by
« As on some other topic, which has been fixed, (http://forum.pcsoft.com/en-US/windevmobile/26508-cle-google-map-lors-generation-application-android-26510/Read.awp), I want to genera… »
Started on Sep. 15 2022 by
« does anybody know, which Compression-Method the WinDev-Function Compress() uses and maybe, how to decompress the result in php? The API of WinDev only says "binary" compression, b… »
Started on Sep. 15 2022 by