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« Apologies if this topic has already been covered. I have a website developed with Webdev. I need to display a external pdf file in the browser window. Can someone advise which is t… »
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« Hello everyone There is a solution to test the security of a site or a page without SSL certificate? I followed the instructions from WEBDEV help and tried to buy an "SSL license … »
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« Hello again developers! I want to query if it is possible in a STC (Static Control) label to dump the result of the select of a query. I have done it but by putting it in a table … »
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« Hello everyone. I'm trying to import a WebService into WebDev but I do not have direct access to the url where the WebService is published (it's a remote server). I have been give… »
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« Hello Developers, Im a young developer and I'm working with WebDev 20 and I'm trying to deploy my page on my "Development Computer". The thing is that I have encountered my self w… »
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« Hello Everyone, I have developed one webdev application. while deployment I have set the session time as 1 hour. But after login session get shut down after 600seconds. Due to thi… »
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« Good Day Is there a way to add a marker on the map without the Lat & Long info. I want it to add a marker from only the address and by doing that return the LAT & LONG. Tried usin… »
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« Greetings Gang, Has anyone else used WB to build a Facebook Messenger bot??? For the most part I have everything working the way I want. But I'm damned if I can figure out how t… »
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« Hi all, Where to find the file LIBMYSQL.DLL 32bit version on a 64 bit machine? (after the windows 10 creator uodate I've gor the error 27 when testing my app) Regards, Henk… »
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« Hello developers. Almost 3 months I'm learning and at the same time programming a project in WEBDEV (version 20) I find myself stuck in a part and therefore my query here. It is w… »
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