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« Hi all, I'm struggling with the upload/download example in WB24 (several files in one upload) but I'm not getting it to work. Anyone willing to share a code-example that works? B… »
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« Hi, I'm trying to get WebDev 26 working on a Linux server using the Docker image. Here are the steps I do - 1) Get WinDev 26 image: docker pull windev/webdev:FR260056p 2) Creat… »
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« Hello, Since I am only starting to use Webdev (or any PC Soft solutrion for that matter), what would seem easy becomes hard. In this case I am using a Looper control to display th… »
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« Hi all I'm not sure if this should be happening, but I have found that when a page is loaded into the browser, the Initializing of page_??? server event is called 5 times. This h… »
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« Hello, i am new here and hope you can help me. I am trying to create a php site with webdev. What do i want to do: - i do a request on a website with the command JSONExecute(<N… »
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« HI THERE, I am trying to use the honolulu sample but when I try to open the DB files using WDMap ask for a password and I can do anything in the files cause I don't know the HFSQL… »
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« I am coding a Webdev solution and would like to send an SMS text besides sending an email. I see that the mobile version offers this, is it possible to do the same in Webdev? If … »
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« Good morning everyone I read the discussion with the title "Multiple page report in pdf using webdev 15" but I was unable to print as I wanted I have to put 5 reports in a PDF fil… »
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« Hi and thanks in advanced for the help. Can anyone share the code to detect when the WebApp hasn't been in use for a period of time like 5 minutes?. For example The User is worki… »
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« Hi Everyone, Happy new year! A client did a scan (code) on WebDev 25 application. See issues below: -- Thanks in advance Femi… »
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