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« I noticed that the EDIT controls of type Password, disable Emoji keyboard. Does anyone know what causes this? I need that same feature in a standard simple text Edit. Thank you, M… »
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« Our iPad application is crashing when emojis are entered. From what I read it sounds like it's a problem with them being UNICODE charcters. The standard 'letter + digit' masks eli… »
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« Hi, I try to consume a .aar from SIX Payments, they have an app which I can control the ATM. This app works fine, so I wanted to use this .aar from the app in WM27 but I stopped o… »
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« I have a Main windows with an HTML Control. I load a website in it, but for simplicity let's load just the portion of the code which is making me crazy like this. HTML_Control = … »
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« Good Day How can I see the version of the app installed on my android? I want it display the version like: i tried: IV is InfoVersion Info(IV.VersionNumber) Get no inf… »
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« Hello all, Using WinDev Mobile 27. Sending Notifications to Android and IOS via Google Firebase via a PHP that stores the tokens and sends messages. Android Works / IOS does not … »
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« Hi I have an app created in windev mobile 26. I need it to save its longitude and latitude coords in an HyperfileSQL database every 1 minute which i can do fine apart from when t… »
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« Hi All, I know that WM need a webservice to connect to a Postgres database. As such they provide this installer file wx??0packrsrv.exe to install the webservice in WINDOWS server.… »
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« Hi All, To connect to HFSQL C/S database in Linux server from Android WM app, does it require a Web service on the Linux ? Or can app connect directly to that database using SQLCO… »
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« Hi, I am using windows 11, WMDev and WM27. You guys have crash problems on LIVE (production) ? And WMDev seems to be dead! (IOS last version , WmDev last version, iphone XS MAX) R… »
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