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« Dear All, How can I get the UserName and Machine Name from a WebDev Application. This is required for Audit-Trail purposes. Combing through the webdev help files without success.… »
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« I want to send a email via php, I'm using PHPMailer and this is my code. My code works but I need to put my EDT_Assunto and EDT_HTML inside the Subject and Body. Anyone know's how … »
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« I making a website and i have this table with a bug, need some help if somebody know's what's happening So i have filter in the table and works very well until i click on the tabl… »
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« Hi, Is there any way to avoid this warning message from browser (unresponsive page) for webdev ? There are some process that we are running but we encounter this warning from bro… »
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« Hi. How can I set the number of elements in a radio control by programming? Thanks in advance… »
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« Hi everyone i am trying to develop a site in SAAS I managed the SAAS administration creating a site and a customer with a user two services with relative prices I created a login … »
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« Hi everyone, I started reinstalling WebDEV as the mo hd showed signs of slowing down but now the SAAS administration no longer works gives me this error WL call: Process of 'Globa… »
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« Hi WD community. I have a odd error using the latest version of Webdev 25 which haven tested with the version 23 and it's running TAB_PCInfo[2]..Visible=gbIsAdmin TAB_PCInfo[3].… »
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« Hi, Today I upgraded tot Windev, Webdev and Windev Mobile 25. The pages that are based on a page template are not shown correctly anymore. I am using cells in the template with r… »
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« Hey howsit going? New to web development, still learning the tricks of the trade. So my question, if I upload a file to a hosting platform and use the file manager. The browser r… »
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