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« We're happy to announce that version "Update 1" (290061r) of WINDEV 2024, WEBDEV 2024, and WINDEV Mobile 2024 is ready for download on our website. You'll find it here : https://w… »
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« Hi I have a dating problem. The organizer puts an X icon to delete appointment. I would like to disable it or block it and not use it to cancel an appointment. If I go to Style and… »
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« Hello I have the following code on a button server code click (not ajax) that fist add data to some DB tables and then ask the user with a YesNo dialog box to print a report. add… »
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« Hi, i have an iframe that has a webdev site i am trying to pass the logged in user id to the iframe site using 'siteaddress?userid=202' for example but nothing is happening it sta… »
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« I'm trying to deploy my first WEBDEV REST web service. I'v tested it locally, and it works as expected, so now I want to deploy it on the Windows Server 2012 DB/WWW server. The Se… »
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« Good day I have a silly issue. Where do I need to change my settings for secure connections? Every site I upload is http only and not https. Did I make a mistake somewhere on my s… »
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« Good day How do you close a popup page in PHP? The popupclose function does't work in php. Thanks Ruan… »
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« My hosting company (I have a dedicated Linux server subscription) strongly advised not to install the Application Server. Reason being is that based on what they could see in the A… »
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« Bonjour. Je suis Jean Daniel, développer débutant. J'ai quelques soucis avec la fonction upload. J'ai une erreur qui ne cesse d'apparaître et qui empêche le chargement de fichiers … »
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« Hello, I have the next error: OLE DB access error. Error Number = 170124 Failure opening connection: Data Source: <> OLEDB Provider: <SQLOLEDB> Detalles … »
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