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« Hi, We're happy to announce that version 260089P (Pre-version) of WINDEV 26, WEBDEV 26, and WINDEV Mobile 26 is ready for download on our website. You'll find it here : https://w… »
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« Good Day Is there a way to have a file picker in Webdev? I want to click a button and it must give me an option to select a file on a location on my PC and return that to my Edit … »
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« Hello Everyone, I have developed one webdev application. while deployment I have set the session time as 1 hour. But after login session get shut down after 600seconds. Due to thi… »
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« Hi, im new doing webservice with Webdev, i followed a tutorial to make a REST Webservice, when i compiled for debugging i was unable to make a "GET" command for specific ID And wh… »
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« Hello, i have another problem under webdev 26. On my site, i have a button call an external url. In thsi url there is a redirect url defined. for example: redirect url is: https:… »
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« Hi and thank you all for the help in advance. I have finished my Database Web App. It is installed in a Server and running perfectly. My application has Dynamic Serving Pages whi… »
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« Hello, i hope you can help me. i cannot find a solution. I am developing a PHP-Site using Webdev 26. In the project description i only have german language active. All other lang… »
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« Hi all and thanks in advance for the Help. I get this error ONLY in the safari browser after my Initial Login Page. I had googled it, and also in the PCSoft Help, it refers to th… »
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« Hi all, Looking for a way to display an hour glass or any other way (except progress bar) to inform user of ongoing calculations. The display has to start at the start of a server… »
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« I'm trying to deploy my first WEBDEV REST web service. I'v tested it locally, and it works as expected, so now I want to deploy it on the Windows Server 2012 DB/WWW server. The Se… »
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