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« Hey howsit going? New to web development, still learning the tricks of the trade. So my question, if I upload a file to a hosting platform and use the file manager. The browser r… »
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« In my application I have a button that adds some records to a database table. These records must be loaded into a lopper. At the end of the procedure that generates the data and sa… »
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« Where can I download the WebDev examples like WW_CMS, eBusiness, Photo_Gallery, WW_Blog_AWP,WW_Blogs_php? THX Markus… »
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« When I include a checkbox in a report, the checkbox alignment depends on the contents of the next cell: (the checkbox was configured to be aligned centered (both horizontal and ver… »
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« Hello everybody, with great effort I managed to deploy my application but I have a problem with the HFSQL database server. On the deployment server the data server has a different … »
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« the video link that explains and complements the information on our website and the example that accompanies the product. However, if you have WINDEV it is the only API made for d… »
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« HI THERE, I am trying to use the honolulu sample but when I try to open the DB files using WDMap ask for a password and I can do anything in the files cause I don't know the HFSQL… »
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« I'm trying to deploy my first WEBDEV REST web service. I'v tested it locally, and it works as expected, so now I want to deploy it on the Windows Server 2012 DB/WWW server. The Se… »
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« Each connection in a WAS application on a 'Session' system is consuming about 25 mb. If you have about 200 connections, I assume that the memory usage on the server is around 5GB. … »
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« I am trying to pass a parameter from one page to another when a menu selection is made to take the user to the new page. The menu resides within a page template so it can be used r… »
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