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« I have a project with more than 100 tables. It is big but not as big as I saw. How on earth to find the needed table among all tables without search or sort capability? Thanks in … »
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« Hi I have a problem with this function on my compile show the following: I don't know why but it show that this version of the function it's not the new one, I search on the doc… »
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« Hi all, First of all, i'm new to Windev and i'm trying to find my way in it. I struggle on my first little problem. I'm making a little app with 9 buttons on it. They have to be … »
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« Hi All I have developed a business application with 14 Modules it is a large application I am prepared to share it with fellow WinDev 21 Developers or Earlier versions It has ,Acco… »
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« If you are looking for help on a programming assignment help, then I will recommend you to get in touch with professional writing service providers like - BookMyEssay. It has an ex… »
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« I have not used .NET before, but need to write an app for a customer which uses C# & .NET . Can anyone suggest a way to find .net functions is a simular way that Windev help works… »
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« Hi all, i want forward from a not PCSoft-Application structured Data to a WinDEV-Application using the Windows-Message WM_COPYDATA. I am able to catch this Message using the Even… »
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« Hi, does anyonen konw is there direct comands for polynomial interpolation? As I must do this: count..................real measured 18013.................16,53 mS/m..............… »
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« So my question is, i create an analysis and then i import my existing excel into hf, everything working great i could see my data file in new hf format but then when i package into… »
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« With RAD code after a NEW or MODIFY the hyperfile TABLE refreshed OK. The same but now connected with native access MSSQL the TABLE wil not refreshed after een NEW or MODYFY. The … »
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