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« Hi, Impossible to play MP4 video in the WD multimedia example (only AVI it seems) - despite Windows Media Player playing MP4 perfectly. I've read everything I can in Help about t… »
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« Hello, I have the following doubt. I have an "image" field in a data file, which through a form I can add a photo (for example, a customer's photo). I do this with the following co… »
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« Elaborating on my previous post When I am in yhe analysis and select styles I change the background style i put in a hexadecimal value it comes up blaxk So far so good no it is not… »
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« Why is it that when I select a HexaDevimal Value In the analysis When I go back it is set to black Not Me it is a bug in WinDev 21 is there a workaround Thanks Peter… »
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« Hello Everyone, I am working on a magnetic card reader (by USB). It has usb-to-serial converter. But when I insert it to my computer, the device manager in Windows system only sh… »
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« Hey everyone. Hope this as not been asked before. In essence, what I want to accomplish is assigning employees to a workstation using the drag and drop mechanism. The table on the… »
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« Now Hotmail has added many advanced features with the changing times. Hotmail Customer Service Belgium is the boon for users who encounter technical problems in their daily routine… »
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« NaamXMLBestand is string // Declaratie string voor naam XML bestand nBeleningen is numeric // Beleningen per relatie ImportBelening is xmlDocument // NaamXMLBestand = CompleteDir(f… »
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« Apologies if this has been covered here before. I have a Windev Application in which I am trying to add video conferencing capability. Just wondered what is the best way to go abou… »
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« Hi I have created the following Setup with automatic update (live update) > setup by HTTP > create a deployment package it works ok to the point of the manual install for … »
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