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« Windows devices enjoy the popular market share, by and large. From enterprises to classrooms, Windows 10 desktops and laptops continue to be synonymous with personal computers, acr… »
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« Hi I am looking for a VB programmer that Knows windev too to convert few VB codes to Windev Code around 5 code lines Clages1@gmail.com tks… »
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« Hi, as I am new with WinDev I encounter next challenge: in Base Class I made a void method, eg : HEADER I need the Base Class to use the actual method from the derived Class, also … »
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« Hi everyone, I'm having issues getting a return value from a stored procedure on MSSQL. Here's my SQL code: ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[createEmployeeShift] ( @employeeID varchar(38),… »
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« Hello all, I am having a problem with displaying windows from components. The main window of the project is calling windows from various external components. These windows are disp… »
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« Good day I am using this code: Cnt is sfConnection Cnt..Login = "vince@gmail.com" Cnt..Password = "qwerty" + "XXB12VCZ54" IF SFConnect(Cnt) = False THEN Error("The connection fai… »
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« Hi, I have a little problem with the creation of a combobow (Creation / create a combobox control). I cannot change the size of the combobox and fontsize afterwards. Looks like : … »
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« Good afternoon folks, I wonder could anyone shed any light on how I would code or use the password mask on a table column that has been created via BuildBrowsingTable function? I… »
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« In an age of growing cyber-threats, many people are wondering what the best VPN for android, what the best VPN for iOS may turn out to be? FastestVPN opened its doors to the public… »
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« Hi all, I have a bunch of edit fields, normal and RTF, and I use the Word spellchecking for these fields which is working OK. I added a few Wordprocessing controls, but they do no… »
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