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« Hello, Version 22 "Update 1" is available (220071N). You will find the download link here : http://www.windev.com/ts/download/index.html -- Best Regards, >PC SOFT… »
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« hi, Is it easy to implement sending location info from WM and displaying the last known location under google map in webdev? Regards,… »
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« I updating a MS SQL database from a Query. The process runs perfectly! Occasionally while running the update procedure I need to stop it. But I have not found the function or instr… »
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« Hi, when TypeScript release by Microsoft 5 years ago , I though it's just a joke that there's no way to beat angularJS . but now, Angular 4 is written in TypeScript . I start wond… »
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« Hello All I have a strange problem with SMTP emailing from Amazon EC2 servers. The first time I login to the server and run the application the emailing works. If I try again a mi… »
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« Hello All: I have an edit control in WebDev v22, which has the grammar checking enabled somehow, which I would like to disable since it doesn't look nice when the words are marked… »
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« I have tried to use a Kalanda Server for something close to a year now and each time I go to work on it, I can't get in for one reason or another. Support is really slow to get bac… »
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« Hello all, I use in my project the code below to make a pdf file, it always works ok. Now by one user the report is send to the printer and not to a PDF file. It is by al his comp… »
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« Hi All, I have a 4 column read-only table which is used to select an item, then a button is used to open a second form with item details. When I close the detail form (to return t… »
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« Hi, I'm having one small code in my application but I'm not able to understand it as I'm new to this technology. pModule est un Module = paModule pDossier est un Dossier dynamique… »
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