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« Hi,i am Mick i want to pass parameters to internal window. Although I see the document description(https://doc.windev.com/en-US/…, there may be some missing information in the do… »
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« Hello, When I am adding an Internal Window to Dynamic Tab it comes up as expected but when the IW is bigger than the size of Dynamic Tab some of the controls get cut from right an… »
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« I have a client who would like a BPM. They need to be able to procure or build a BPM that is then configurable to have End-User build workflow templates and generate emails/report… »
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« Greeting, is there any way for Windev 25 to read a data file with a presumably CLARION .dat extension. the format to be converted can be text, csv or something else from which th… »
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« Makeup Artist Courses in Bangalore: GlossNGlass is one of the Top Makeup Academy in bangalore ✓We Provide best professional makeup Courses in Bangalore Contact: https://glossnglas… »
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« Folks, I am having problems with application developed in Windev 22 (Version 01A220059p). When I use the httpdelete method with the HttpSend() or RestSend() functions, the applica… »
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« Hi All, I'm trying to create a SurfaceView object in WM15 but I don't think that any of Windev's controls resolve to this object type so I'm coding it in Java. However, I can't use… »
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« Hello all, I search on the forum for sending email with a Office 365 server, found some things but no solution for me. I get the fault Connection failed: recipient address not fou… »
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« Hi all I'm writing ERP Software with Windev since Version 7.5 but actually I have a little problem in a new field where I have absolutely no experience. I have to play a .mp4 or a … »
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« Hi all, I asked it earlier, did anyone succeed in getting the spellchecker in a WordControl to work. I tried Word and OpenOffice etc. but no luck. Best regards, Aad… »
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