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« Hey, As on my previous topic, which has been fixed, (http://forum.pcsoft.com/en-US/windevmobile/26508-cle-google-map-lors-generation-application-android-26510/ Read.awp), I want t… »
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« Hi, I'm trying to store a time in a hfsql databaase. Its a time inputed by the user and so is held in a variable before trying to add it to the file. However when trying to write … »
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« Hello, I'm building firs IOS app. In emulator app Works fine on Mac Xcode How can i copy the app to Iphone or Ipad?… »
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« Bonsoir, S'il vous plaît, j'ai un système qui a été fait pour Windows Embedded CE 6.5 PDA. Maintenant, le client va acheter de nouveaux PDA qu'ils ont vu avec la version Windows E… »
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« Hi guys, I would like to know how I can manage a MAP CONTROL, in an Android app, using JAVA instead of WL functions that are limited and do not fulfill my needs. I would like to … »
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« Hello, i hope i can find some answers here. I use Windev Mobile 18, i try to catch all incoming SMS. How can i do this on this Windev Version ? I tried : Posté le 18 août 2015 - 12… »
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« Hi Gents, I would like to understand how much I can customize a marker using Windev Mobile 21. I need to add markers on a map with a custom image and with text inside this image. … »
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« Good evening, Please, I have a system that was made for Windows Embedded CE 6.5 PDA. Now the customer will buy new PDAs that they saw with the Windows Embedded CE 7.0 version. Wi… »
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« I have this error when i try to start the application, can you help me? error in envencmaillc detected by wlanguage security mechanism site… »
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« Hi, currently I am building an app for event logging. I have a page where on the left you select an event and its details are displayed. Part of this is a list of attending people,… »
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