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ODBC access to a table in a subfolder - HFSQL Client/Server database
Started by Andre, Nov., 16 2020 4:48 PM - 2 replies
Posted on November, 16 2020 - 4:48 PM
probably I have a beginner's question.

I want to access a FIC file via ODBC interface, which is located in a subfolder. (e.g. \Archive\Product.fic - Tree structure of Data - HFSQL Client/Server database).

How do I specify the select (or a connection string) to access the table in the subfolder?

With an OLE access it works as follows:
The location specified in the connection string by Initial Catalog can contain data files located in subfolders. These data files are automatically declared by the OLE DB provider for HFSQL, replacing the "\" from the path with the "_" character.
For example, for the file "<Initial Catalog>\Archive\Product.fic", it can be consulted using "Archive_Product" as data file name.

Many thanks
Posted on November, 18 2020 - 11:21 PM
Hi Andre

Would this Windev help topic assist you?

Note especially the example connection string in the comments, using REP not DIR.
Posted on November, 29 2020 - 4:58 PM
Hi James,
thanks a lot.

The parameter REP is only for the direct FILE queries.

Maybe the Parameter "PATH" in the OPEN command of the HFSQL Client/Server could help.

However, in the meantime I solved it with an OLE Query over a wrapper program in PowerScipt.