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Administration of User Groupware Login Error
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Publicado el 20,febrero 2021 - 18:52
Good Day

I have setup a Administration of User Groupware for my mobile apps. I managed to setup the MBaaS setting on the mobile app and successfully connected to the GPU and MDM Application server. However when I try to login into the WDBaaS site it keep telling me that login details are incorrect. I tried the default username and password: SUPERVISOR but still no success. I went into the database file where the users are saved (GPU_Utilisateur) and saw that the username is not in English but in french for Idont have the complete English version that still needs to come out I am using the latest French version with english settings. The user is SUPERVISEUR. I also tried that as username and password but still cannot connect. Is there something I am missing here? Why can I not connect to the online /WDBaaS/PAGE_GPU_LoginAdmin/


Ruan du Preez