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Problem with soap - webswerices on windev 24
Débuté par Mimmo Ghiara, 23 juil. 2020 17:47 - 2 réponses
Posté le 23 juillet 2020 - 17:47
Hi everyone

i am trying to develop a site in SAAS
I managed the SAAS administration creating a site and a customer with a user two services with relative prices
I created a login page with two user and password fields and a login button with the code inside
The first instruction is SaasConnect to which paso userid and password (correct ovviamnet) but it returns me this error:

The HTTP server is not responding. Check the address and accessibility of the server.
Problem sending information on socket.

Installation is standard I have not made any changes or moving directories
Any suggestions

Thank you

Posté le 30 juillet 2020 - 12:05
Good morning

get answers in this forun is very difficult. The reasons can be some
Do I ask incomprehensible questions?
Do I ask questions on difficult or unusual topics?
You all make small projects and don't face problems of this type.
Don't you feel like or have time to answer?

It's not a questionnaire but I asked at least 10 unanswered questions.

But the reason I write is to give a hint to this topic.
The whole SAAS system created by PCSoft is very nice and useful but I have not seen anywhere written that it works only if the pages are in SESSION. In AWP, it gives the error I asked for assistance.
Thank you all

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Posté le 31 juillet 2020 - 18:52
please use your legal licensed account and open a case with support they should be able to help you.