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« Hi, This message is to announce that WinDev 24, WebDev 24 and WinDev Mobile 24 "Final version" are now available (240063m). You will find the download link here : https://www.wi… »
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« hello folks, look at this image, captured from the WM24 Windows design: I would like to have a Caption with a little image in the 5 Panes, but ONLY the second Pane appears correc… »
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« Hi all is it possible to stop the event of closing a window? like on android when I can use the function RetunToCapture() and then stop any event and code? on iOS I don't see so… »
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« Hi all I was trying to save those types of files on my iPHone But I Couldn't do it. I was using fCurrentDir() to have a path. But when I try to use FTPGet with fCurrentDir() launc… »
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« Bonjour, je dois développer une appli de prise de commande sous tablette android avec édition d'un ticket de caisse. Je pense utiliser l'epson TM M30 en blutooth. Si quelqu'un peut… »
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« Hi all I have a question, for Android and iOS I know how to show the app on the share menu to receive image, doc and son on. now the app need to process a way to handle the file,… »
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« please consider this piece of code sMsg is ANSI string Info ( PowerStatus(ChargeLevel, True) ) sMsg=ErrorInfo() // Error found? IF ErrorOccurred = True THEN Info(sMsg) END it … »
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« I am trying to implement for the first time in windev mobile a push notification in android and ios. i succesfully did the procedure on the firebase side and downloaded the JSON fi… »
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« I have a page with an HTML control in which I inject HTML. In my HTML, i have an input type="file". On my Android mobile when i click this input, file selector won't appear. Do you… »
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« In September 2019 the Google Play Store will not accept mobile apps other than 64bits. What version of Windev Mobile that creates 64bit apps? and if there is no such thing as Pc-so… »
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