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« to solve the problem about "itms-services//URL scheme …" I called PCSOFT support and they send me a new library after the installation of the fix I get this message from Xcode "un… »
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« We experience a lot of crashes in an Android app we created. These crashes can be reproduced with all Windev Mobile Android Apps. Even with the demo apps created by PCSoft which ca… »
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« Hi All I see the new topic above should be WINDEV Mobile 25 and not 24. We have just updated to version 25. We have been using push notifications using GCM for many years withou… »
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« Hi, I have included in my app the WindevMobile the example "WM_AutoUpdate" and it works ok. I want to add on it "automatically app opening" after "update". There is any possibilit… »
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« I recently installed windev mobile 23 and when compiling it gives me this error, can someone please help me to fix it. thanks. Error returned: WARNING: The `android.dexOptions.inc… »
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« Hello, I am currently using Windev Mobile 24 to build apps for both IOS and Android. A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Google saying that we need to make our apps compatib… »
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« Hi, I am sending an image over Http Request and on the iOS (Windev Mobile) I receive the image using WorkAttachments_Local.FileContents = Decode(vAttachment.FileContents..Value,e… »
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« Hello everyone, So I have a question, is it possible to integrate APIs into an app we are currently building? Because in my app we are building a function that would record data l… »
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« I have created a combo box that brings back a list of values from a query using an external file. The list populates just fine but there are two issues I am having. One, there seem… »
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« I need help and answers. I have 1 window problem with the error message "invalid region.Op - only INTERSECT and DIFFERENCE are allowed"… »
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