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« Hi , I am using windev mobile 21. i got GCM messaging to work with and oracle xe database sending it to the mobile device, but for some reason some of the parameters in the json ar… »
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« Hi all I have a mobile app created in WM21 (Android). It uses a db and I am able to create and update records in the app. My question is where exactly does the HyperfileSQL DB res… »
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« Hello, I am trying to use the HTML control for showing HTML content which is retrieved from a remote MySQL database. Everything is working fine. I am trying to implement an eBook… »
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« When I populate a looper the data is not appearing until the rows are taken beyond the screen and then the information appears. I tried to refresh this by programming but that didn… »
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« bonjour' je viens solliciter votre aide pour l'installation et la configuration de mon sdk. svp aidez moi , sans cela je ne pourrais jamais tester mes projets sur un appareil. merc… »
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« Hello, I want to use a custom Data Source object in order to manage data I'm creating at runtime. HDescribeFile and HDescribeItem functions are perfect for me because with them I c… »
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« My app is set to English and through xcode it runs in English. In testflight though it runs in French..... any ideas if there are any additional language setting in Windev or xcode… »
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« Hi , I am thinking of getting windev mobile and would like to ask a question re Mysql usage. is it able to connect to a mysql server just like windev. if no how could I transfer da… »
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« Hi all! I'me trying to Programm a C-sharp dll to unify Hardware access . The idea was: Run WD app -> call dll -> open thread to handle Hardware -> call WD on event. Unfort… »
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« Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'll try to give enough information. We developed a new system of APPs that works this way: a new business customer (e.g. company DUMMY) wa… »
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