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« Hello, Version 24 "Update 2" is available (240077F). You will find the download link here : https://www.windev.com/ts/download/index.html -- Best Regards, >>PC SOFT… »
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« Hi , anyone know how to add a jar file properly in windev? i tried adding a repository and added implementation in the dependecy by modifying the wdjava.build this works, but what… »
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« hi, so i have a problem with my project. the problem is that the function of videostartapp won't appeard when i use my real project. but when i use a dummy project the function app… »
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« Hello, why am I getting an error: "There was a problem parsing the package." with APK-Installer? The Code is: IF FTPGet(nFtp,"Company Bondruck.apk", fCurrentDir()) THEN    Shell… »
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« Hi, I want to upload an image taken with the Android tablet to a php server. I managed to get it working on the Windev Simulator, but on the Android tablet it does not work. It se… »
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« Procedure CAM_ImagemToArrayBytes(LOCAL PathImagem, LOCAL Tipo) //Converter a imagem de um local do disco em Array de Bytes e gravar via webservice ////////////////////////////////… »
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« Procedure CAM_SalvarDB(LOCAL ArquivoLocal,... LOCAL Extensao,... LOCAL Ambiente,... LOCAL Crypto,... LOCAL OpcaoEscolha,... LOCAL CodigoArquivo,... LOCAL CodOs,... LOCAL CodOsItem,… »
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« So on trying to work with a 3rd party library that uses an AppCompactActivity component I discovered lack of support Windev has for the "androidx." library. Will Windev ever get s… »
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« Hello, I want check bluetooth-connection with this code: IF BTStatus() = btDisabled THEN nBluetooth = BTActivate(True) SWITCH nBluetooth CASE btActivationInProgress: Info("Bluetoo… »
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« Hello I am using an external library that takes AppCompatActivity (derived from androidx.appcompat.app.AppCompatActivity) as a parameter. Neither getApplicationContext or getCurr… »
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