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« Hello, In Windev Mobile, is there a function similar to BuildBrowsingTable and FileToMemoryTable to display the contents of the analysis file. Our team is assigned to create appl… »
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« I am evaluating windev mobile express to see if I want to use this tool I know windev mobile express has limitations but does it do everything windev mobile but with limits? Going … »
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« I have a question regarding permissions and getting the GPS location for an Android device. Device: Pixel 3a OS: Android 11 My app seems to be working as it should except for bei… »
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« We have project tasked to the team, the task is to create table control on a window (Just one window) and the table must able to show the record that retrived from query or datafil… »
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« Hello, we just upgraded to version 25 of WM because we were under the impression that it would solve an issue we were having while using version 24. This problem seems to only be o… »
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« Hi All I see the new topic above should be WINDEV Mobile 25 and not 24. We have just updated to version 25. We have been using push notifications using GCM for many years withou… »
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« Hi, Im trying to receive a notification push from PHP in Windev Mobile 24, but only the title and message properties are comming. Im try several php format, include the windev noti… »
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« //Text to speech in iOS – AVSpeechSynthesizer //It would be great to have the text to speech capability that IOS7 API offers: //https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentat… »
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« Does anyone knows what type of android apps does windev 22 / 23 generate ? are they 32Bit or are they 64Bit ?… »
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« Greetings I would like to know how to import an Excel file into an existing data table in HFSQL C / S. The two files have the same columns but Excel has more data, and I don't wan… »
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