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« Hello all, hope you are doing well. I am asking your help for a problem i am facing while installing both sql server 23 and webdev 23. I am installing them i n a windows server 201… »
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« Hi All OK. processing an XML string with XMLOpen which fails with: The XML document has not been loaded. System Error Details: Row 172, Column 55: Input is not proper UTF-8, indi… »
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« Hi All Processing an xml message from an 3rd party system and when using XMLOpen got the error The XML document has not been loaded. System Error Details: Row 172, Column 55: Inp… »
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« Hi, I tried using the EncryptAsymmetric function in the following way: bufChiave is Buffer=QRY_Chiave_Singola.Key1 bufToEncrypt is Buffer=EDT_Messaggio bufEncrypted is Buffer = En… »
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« Hi Guy's, not an newbie to Windev, but no expert either. I'm struggling with libvlc (or how to address api's in in general). I have vlc outputting video to an image control. But i… »
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« After spending several frustrating hours, I need a workaround for a simple automatic test like this: Procedure MyScenario() EmulateInput(WIN_RegVisitA_BOC.EDT_CargoCode,"{F5}") //S… »
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« Hi to all, i'm working on a project wit windev 20 on windows 7 32bit, today, opening the project, windev crashes loading the audit log file. Does anyone know how to solve the probl… »
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« Hi I'm currently working with version 21 of Windev, without having the chance to evolve to a new version. I have to connect to the server of a company that uses sef-signed certif… »
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« Hi, We're happy to announce that version "Update 1" (260101D) of WINDEV 26, WEBDEV 26, and WINDEV Mobile 26 is ready for download on our website. You'll find it here : https://wi… »
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« Hi guys, I am still playing around with WINDEV. I'm a Clarion user and the things that would seem so simple I still don't find how to do in WINDEV (25). I have a Table (TABLE_Item… »
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