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« I am using WinDev 12 and the application is getting the GPF error below. It seems to be in WD120VM.DLL. Is there an update to this DLL I may be missing? Thank you... Monti U… »
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« Hi, I have been running a WinDev 12 app connected to a HFCS database without an issue for several years now and it has worked flawlessly. Made some db schema changes and used the… »
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« Hey everybody, I got an issue compiling this code: Class = Shift Procedure ProduceAppointments() lAppointmentsArray is an array of dynamic Appointment FOR EACH lShiftRequirement … »
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« Salut à tous les dev J'ai déjà une application que je dois installer, pour les PC 15 pouces et supérieur il n'y a pas de problème toutes les fenetres s'affiche correctement, mais p… »
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« Hi, What I want to accomplish: 1. Take a picture with the android camera 2. Resize it without distorting the image (Homothetic) 3. Upload via a Webservice to my ERP system Where … »
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« Guten Tag / ciao / Olá / ¡hola / WINDEV 18 / Deutsch / Italiano / Português / Español We are pleased to inform you that the commercial documentation is available in your language… »
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« Is there anybody that wrote a windev program that communicates with an FT11 balance using serial communication ? I have a program running, but the result is not 100 % ok. (approxim… »
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« Hi All, I want to read a key in the registry of win 8.1. I have installed office 2013 and I want to read the path from the registry. The path for office 2013 is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE… »
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« i have a windev 16 project that use some .net assemply, when i try the software in my pc everything is ok but when i try to install the program on the pc of my client i receive an … »
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« Someone has tryed to access ASANA using API Key? I tryed and I receive error 401 unauthorized sending httprequest(sUri) If I copy the content of sUri and paste it in explorer or in… »
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