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« Hi WinDev community I'm facing problems when trying to localize into Japanese. Did anybody of you successfully perform such a task and can help me? Searching the WinDev forums and… »
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« Hi friends. You know how to restore the settings for automatic installation of the SDK and Gradle? Thanks.… »
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« Hello, While trying to open the project I am getting the following error message: Unable to load the access DLL <wd180sqs.dll> or the access DLL <wd180sqlserver.dll> … »
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« Hello everyone! How can I invoke a web service with basic authentication? How can I add a header? I WinDev 18. Thank you all!!… »
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« Version: WD 19 Hi, I wish to print the page border first and then print content after. Is this possible and explain how please?… »
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« Hi evryone Im using windev 20 in my school realy its a good one helped me a lot but when i need to make a chart from a table which have more then 50 values doesnt want to dram the… »
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« Presented by Andy Stapleton/wxPerts (www.wxperts.com) Webservices are used extensively in the mobile and web environment both, it along with REST calls gives you the greatest amou… »
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« Dear Windev Developer, I have been using windev since long... I started using windev from version 11 and now I am using version 18... Currently, I am observing one problem... some… »
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« how to use windows libraries. I need to read a library as it does in Visual Studio Example: import System.Printing Import System.Draw Thanks for your help!!! I use Windev 17… »
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« Dear Below links of my posts Official Forum: http://windevdesenvolvimento.blogspot.com.br/2015/08/posts-do-forum-oficial-adriano-boller_11.html As it had for the moment, Best re… »
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