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« I am learning Dart. I already installed Dart, and also the CLI tools (webdev and stagehand). I successfully made a Dart console app and ran it without any issues. Then I started a… »
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« Hello, i am trying to create a looper-Control with data coming from an query in a Webdev-Page. Now i what the data displayed in different alignment. Data created by the logged on… »
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« Hello and thanks in advance for the help I have been sending e-mails without any issues in my Web-App but all of a sudden I am getting the following error >>> Reception … »
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« I created an application for android with mobile Windev and in this application. I have an order entry system. To do this I use an array variable to store in memory all customer o… »
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« Hi and thank you in advance for the help. I am trying to send my actual geo-location via a button click. Can anyone help me out on how to do this or give me a direction on where … »
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« Dear All, Is there a way to allow my WB app users to re-arrange the data fields on a Form based report at runtime and save it for future re-use. I require this to allow different… »
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« Hi, With the update of WebDev 27 the option "Automatic backup collapsed/expanded" of a Treeview control does no longer works. At least not if you use Page templates (without using… »
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« Hi all Can anyone direct me to any reason why my sitemap.xml file cannot be seen by Google or Bing? I am using IIS latest version, and have tried using Session in SEO mode and awp… »
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« I have recently upgraded to webdev 27 for a big project i am using a menu control that has worked perfectly fine. when i upgrade the menu control click events no longer get called… »
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« In WB27, with the new zone editing, if you try to select an object, the system now cycles through ALL of the underlying objects. It now takes four or five clicks to get to the obje… »
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