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« Hi, This message is to announce that WinDev 24, WebDev 24 and WinDev Mobile 24 "Final version" are now available (240063m). You will find the download link here : https://www.wi… »
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« Hi, How to I manage the pager to stay on a page after a page refresh. Say I make a changes to a field on pager page 3 and need to refresh to show the new value. The query will al… »
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« Hi All, we just bought WebDev 24 to find out if it is suitable for our web development. We would like to use Microsoft Azure's appservices to host the websites. The database is Azu… »
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« Hi is it possible to deploy from webdev client 23 to server 22 with windows server 2012? Noam… »
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« Hello, When I create a new data file in analysis, I would like to automatic or by program create the file on the HFSQL server when the Saas users connects to his tenant. Tried wi… »
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« Hello, Problem generating the install with webdev24 english version. Generation crashed. Does anybody got the same issue ? thanks -- Xavier… »
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« Hi All, I changed my laptop and restored my webdev 23 and SCM folders. One of the files in SCM was checked out on my old laptop and remains checkout in the new. I need to undo th… »
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« I would like to conditionally set the color of a column in a table. For example set the color of a date (red) if it is over the due date. I can do this for selected rows which are… »
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« Hi everybody there. I'm using, as per title, WEBDEV 24 in English language. (Version release by PCSOFT in March 14 2019. It's all working quite well but when I want to debug my pro… »
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« Hi All, Arfe there webstyles design/template for developer to use (buy/free) out there? Need a very good looking app-website design to use for my projects. Thanks for your sugge… »
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