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« The User Reports and Queries module is only available in Windev. How can an end-user have the capability to build their own custom reports in Webdev?… »
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« Good morning, I have a problem with AssistedInput. When the list is presented under the edit control, I can choose the desired element either with the mouse or using the arrows. O… »
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« I am new to webdev. I am trying to code a site which will be called with several input parameters. 1) How do I test it (i.e. is there a place to store debug/run parameters? I had… »
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« Just started coding with webdev (selected American English) and the CSS style came with BTN_Defaut (french). The app then complained: Error:WEBDEV style BTN Defaut unknown. PAGE_B… »
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« Hi all, I'm struggling with the upload/download example in WB24 (several files in one upload) but I'm not getting it to work. Anyone willing to share a code-example that works? B… »
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« In Webdev, You store AWP Context using DeclareAWPContext(var1, var2, etc). How do you then restore these variables? I have a website that connects to a payment gateway. I am send… »
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« Hi If i login to Paypal and generate a button, where ever I put that form code i.e paste it into an HTML control, or any other the Paypal button displays but doesn't click and and… »
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« Greetings this is my first WebDev Project. So I planned to make an Account System for my Project with registration and login. To register I had planned you have to validate a captc… »
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« Hello, I'm trying to use a bootstrap template on webdev25. 1- First i create a template and make all the references needed to the bootstrap page template to work correctly, 2- Cr… »
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« New web application using WinDev 24. I decided to add groupware and selected the Custom user groupware option. Works when the supervisor logs in and selects the Access the site BU… »
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