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« Hi, I'm trying to get WebDev 26 working on a Linux server using the Docker image. Here are the steps I do - 1) Get WinDev 26 image: docker pull windev/webdev:FR260056p 2) Creat… »
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« Hello everyone, Is there a way I can use the Groupware database in my Analysis? I am creating an app that handles employees and I want each employee to be a user and associate the… »
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« Hello, I am a new user to Windev, Webdev.... I created an Analysis with 5 tables and started playing with it. However, if I create the Pages to add new records or to browse the ex… »
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« Hello all, i need your urgent help please. When i want to create all goes to plan as seen in the pictures but cannot access the website. Webdev Administrator says '_WEB/res/WWCon… »
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« Hi everyone I have a problem with YesNo or Confirm on webdev 24 and it gives me this error even though the manual says it can be used Have you any suggestion Thank's WL call: P… »
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« HI THERE, I am trying to use the honolulu sample but when I try to open the DB files using WDMap ask for a password and I can do anything in the files cause I don't know the HFSQL… »
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« Hi to all, I am trying to add a groupware to a webdev project. The idea is to access to login via saved data in tables (column customers) which database is connected to project, c… »
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« Hi, I am newby in Webdev and general begginer in programing at all. Trying to send mail, I configured SMTP for sending mail, put Edit box for data input and here is my code. I am … »
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« Has anyone integrated a feature to allow users to look up their address by entering their postcode/zip code then selecting an address for the list of returned addresses under that … »
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« Hello I have a problem with the drawer control, the drawer works correctly on some PCs while on others they open but don't close I think it's a bug By the way it works on firefox … »
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