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« Hi all, When designing a responsive site, I always get a horizontal scroll bar in a looper or table on the mobile and tablet plain. (Desktop goes well). How to prevent this. Rega… »
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« Hi Theres a way to do this? Because I need to open a .doc on the computer of the user and then print that document, all of the codes I see of PcSoft always point to the server of … »
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« Something strange has just started happening. I have been running User Groupware with all my apps in fully Auto mode with no custom changes at all. Since yesterday if I log in with… »
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« Bonjour, sur une page web (projet en responsive web design), j'essaie d'afficher des documents de différents types (image, word, pdf, html,...). Quand je fais FichierAffiche(monChe… »
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« Hello I have to integrate into webdev two HTML files, in which one of them has a button that calls the second html. This html button has this: <button class = "btn btn-default"… »
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« hi everyone I have a problem with this function the thing is that yes it prints the document I want, the bad part it's that it doesn't close word here is my code IF ShellExecute(… »
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« I have purchased 2 license key. How to apply the key to my 10 connection software ??. Help Please. Server down. I have downloaded the upgrade 1 and 2. Doesn't looks like it. Rega… »
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« Hi I want to reset the timer of the server connection or extended but by my site (my program) what I mean? well I have a code on the event "on click" on my page I use that event … »
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« I am puzzled by the huge difference in the memory used by the same application/process when run on my development machine and on our production server. The application is V22 Dyna… »
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« Folks, I am developing a Web Service Rest and I am not able to read the content of the HTTP Authorization Keyer from the Client, using the WebserviceReadHTTPHeader ("Authorization… »
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