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« Hi, we want to build a webservice for transmitting data between our WinDef-Applications (there are several with different databases) and our WebDef-Extranet-Site. But this data has… »
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« good morning I have code to send mail that works well, I use the following system: oSessionSMTP is EmailSMTPSession oSessionSMTP..ServerAddress = "" oSessionSMTP..Name = "" oSes… »
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« Hi, I have a combo box for visitors to select themselves by name in. This needs to be filtered by two values in the visitor database table, the location and whether the visitor is … »
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« Hi If i login to Paypal and generate a button, where ever I put that form code i.e paste it into an HTML control, or any other the Paypal button displays but doesn't click and and… »
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« Hi again, I'm trying to integrate the TX Text Control into a page on a Webdev project. Any idea how i could go about this? All the tutorials I can find refer to Visual Studio and… »
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« Hi, Im currently trying to create a visitor sign in system. Currently I have javascript to print a visitor label upon pressing the signin button however it only works if imported … »
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« Hello, I have a webservice with two parameters and I want that from a browser (without having to fill a form) you can make a call such as: Http: //arm-pc/CFSATV30_WEBSERVICES_WEB… »
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« I have used Clarion since version 1 and continue to use it (v10) and have made a good living from it. I need to start a new project that needs to be web based and since Clarion ha… »
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« Good evening I have a problem while setting up a scheduled task on my WebDev project: I can't set a scheduled task, it seems that WebDev Application Server ignores the existence o… »
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« Hello everyone I have a proposal to hold a news portal in Webdev, my question is: 1. Someone overheard made a draft news portal Webdev? 2. How feasible it is to make these types o… »
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