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« Hi. I'm trying to get the number of rows returned by a MySQL query. This is my code: IF connectToDatabase() = 0 THEN StringDisplay("Error en conexión a Base de Datos:" + CR + oCon… »
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« Hi, I intent to use BrowserIPAddress() to retrieve the web IP address of the users connected to my WebDev site. I was hoping to get something like the www.whatsmyip.org result (xx… »
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« Hi, How can I handle a Post Request to my dynamic page and read the entire body ? I'm struggling around with pageparameter, but I'm unable to read the content of the post request… »
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« Hi there, has anyone got a working example of how to integrate a payment module like paypal or stripe ?… »
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« Good day I have a problem with one of the controls. I have a PHP site. When I add the UPL (Upload) Control to be able to upload images none of the other controls seems to work. My… »
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« Hi. I'm trying to figure out how Webdev manages sessions. I've been reading the PCSoft documentation about AWP Contexts, but I don't get to fully understand it; I really miss a goo… »
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« My colleague built a webapp using global/public variables. For example, he wrote a class named xUsuario. Later, he used an xUsuario object, called oUsuario as a property of another… »
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« Hi Is it possible to pass a PAGE or a Report as a parameter in a procedure? Something similar to: PROCEDURE Test (testPage is PAGE, testReport is Report) do something END if not… »
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« Hi to all. How do you change the Webdev interface and code language (example French ot English) ? Thanks… »
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« Hi All and thanks in advanced. In WEBDEV I have the following code: MyDate is Date = "20170101" // (01/01/2017) My Date = MyDate..day += 5 Answer should be 20170106 (01/06/2017… »
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