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« I am developing a site that requires product videos. I was hoping to use MP4 with HTML5 support or a common format across platforms. I am using the Multimedia / VIDEO control and h… »
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« When I specify an upload file and start an upload (UploadStart) I get the error below. Seems like it may be a file permissions issue and it is unable to copy the file but I don't k… »
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« Hi, how can i receive parameters from the url (externa site) and then use them within the site? thanks… »
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« Good Day Is there a way to list all options in a menu in Webdev? Regards Ruan… »
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« Good Day How can I get all my values from my database and load all the values in the controls in the background and still have full control on the page. I tried everything but not… »
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« When I create an image of my solution, everything is done correctly except the inclusion of MariaDB dependencies. How to add to the Docker image and install the respective driver (… »
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« New web application using WinDev 24. I decided to add groupware and selected the Custom user groupware option. Works when the supervisor logs in and selects the Access the site BU… »
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« I'm using a dynamic website and when the user closes the browser without using my app exit option the session remains in WAS. Is there a way to determine that the browser was close… »
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« In a webdev table after cloning 50 times my 'Master' column, it seems that the code is executed 50 times, once for each cloned column. Does anyone have the same behavior? In my 'wh… »
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« Hi there - Does the WebDev application create cookies by itself when it is run? If so, how can I identify these cookies and how to put the attribute on them "secure" Attribute "H… »
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