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« Good day I have a PHP project and I am trying to call an API with header data. When I use it in a Webdev Project it works 100% cMyRequest is httpRequest cMyRequest..URL = "https:… »
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« I have a menu with more options (each containing several suboptions). I would like to reorder the top level options, but do not find how. I am sure this is simple, but I do not s… »
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« [WB23] The title says it. Probably a beginner question. Incorrect characters are displayed for THE DATA retrieved form HFSQL database (my site on PCSoft test cloud only). When de… »
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« I have deployed a test project to PC Soft hosting service. I would like to FTP the test data which is already entered on the development machine. Unfortunately I can not delete t… »
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« This is probably a beginner question. I am starting a fresh project with an already defined analysis. I would like to use RAD generation of pages for my project -- with my own ana… »
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« Hello, I am attempting to transfer large and complex data structures between pages in webdev 23. I am just wondering what is the best method to transfer this data. The method tha… »
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« Hi my fellows developers like the tittle said. I have a program, this program have a login page, then I show another page and so on but if I copy the link of the second page afte… »
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« Hi On my page I want to show the cell control with CellDisplayDialog, the problem is that it works but suddenly hide for no reason at all. I don't know why the function have some… »
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« Hi Is it possible to show the report in some way and then if could have an option to print for the user?, more like when you open a pdf from the web and then you could print from … »
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« I am working on a scheduler control, filled from the file 1. How can I force the scheduler control to show all resources (by default only the resources with planned appointments a… »
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