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« Hello, I'm a developer from Belgium and have a .NET background. Recently I started using Windev/Webdev for a project. The project is recently pushed to QA mode. Today we've done … »
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« Within the past few days I began receiving the "HTTP 404.0 - Not Found" error when attempting to run a project test. This only occurs in Webdev 21 & 20. Webdev 19 works fine. My la… »
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« I've been running my website on IIS 7.5 for quite a while without any problem. Updating the site via physical media setup worked fine so far. However, after the latest update ever… »
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« Greetings All... Does anyone know how to apply a SSL certificate to a PCS Cloud site???… »
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« Hola buenos días. Necesito una solución para poder tomar desde WebDev variables de sesión desde otro proyecto realizado en php. Probamos concatenando al link el valor las variables… »
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« Good Morning I hope someone can help me with this issue. I just got Windev Mobile and wasn't aware that my Native SQL connection doesn't work with mobile. I have data on my SQL Se… »
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« I m sending a request to an arduino HTTPParameter(httpParameterMode,0) HTTPRequest(gsGateURL + gsOn) Wait(20) HTTPRequest(gsGateURL + gsOff) HTTPParameter(httpParameterMode,1) Wh… »
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« Good day I have a json that cannot be fully parsed. Can you tell me what I am missing here please. Here is the code I am using: sJson_dados is string = EDT_DETAILS let dados_jso… »
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« Hi, Does anybody know a way to disable the click on a HideShow control? I want it to collapse/expand only by code. Kind regards, Piet… »
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« While trying to import data from Firebird Sql table, I receive this error on a single file. may be because two fields of this file are computed ?… »
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