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« Within the past few days I began receiving the "HTTP 404.0 - Not Found" error when attempting to run a project test. This only occurs in Webdev 21 & 20. Webdev 19 works fine. My la… »
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« WB23 Question : If I need to check some values in the active page in browser (database values checking for example) I can do it calling AjaxExecute or just execute a hidden button… »
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« Hi all I want to know how can I get a unlimited connections for my WebDev Administrator, for some reason I only have 10 connections for my sites, I want to get the Unlimited Than… »
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« Hi all I was wondering about to put an icon on my page, I search a little on the pcsoft help but doesn't find anything anyone have an idea of how to do it? is it possible? here's… »
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« Hi, I am currently trying to translate the text on my php website from English to some other languages using webdevs translation tool and my google translate api key. The translat… »
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« Hi all, I just deployed a new version of a certain website as I have done numerous times before. However this time after deployment an error 46,ERR_UPDATING_SERVER message is disp… »
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« Hi, Can any one help me how to convert a cell to circle shape in web dev?… »
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« Hello, Has anyone allready used a timepicker in Windev Mobile23? I want to use it but can not get it to work. Can anybody help? Kind regards, Berry Jansen… »
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« Hi, I have a Web Dev application published on IIS. I need to change the database connection because I do not have permissions to connect to the test environment. Thanks in advanc… »
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« Hi, I have set a webservice on a IIS server with WEBDEV Administrator 23. The webservice runs with 10 cached sessions. From time to time, I see a ghost session that does not want… »
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