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« Hello Via the assistant have I imported a new font into my project. That went well and the font is displayed in Chrom/FF/Opera/Edge... everywhere except IE (tested only with v11).… »
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« I did an app with windev 21, but when I export it to azure, the application shows a lot of PHP errors, the PHP version in azure is 5.6 and in my development station is 5.45, is the… »
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« Hi all, In Webdev 22 both in development environment as in a deployed site I get really poor responsiveness when switching between the tabs of a tab control when it is used in a p… »
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« Dear All, I m a newbie to WD. I have a table with single character field called status. The values could be any of P, A, X etc. How do I create a query with calculated Field Sta… »
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« Good Day Is there a way to filter a table column to show all the NULL values? I tried everything with TableEnableFilter and cannot return all the Null Values in a column. Thanks … »
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« When I run the system on localhost without problems, the Groupware user connects me and returns gpwOk, however, when I create the deploy and execute it always tells me the one that… »
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« Hi Is it possible to have a different text in the same RTA-Control based on the pages width? Say on 375px -> RTA: Lebenspartner-vertrag (need a line break there) on > 480pm… »
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« Hello, I created a simple dynamic site for two sets of groups to login to a web portal that shows their data by date range. I now have to convert it into a SaaS site(for deployment… »
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« Hello everyone, I am trying to debug a simple AWP project. I try to use breakpoint inside my server side code , but they never trigger. Do they even work in AWP? Because there is n… »
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« Hi all, i try to display a multipage-PDF-Document, which is stored in a binary-memo Field in a HFSQL-Server. How to do this? my current results are - only the first page is shown… »
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