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« Hi, Does anybody know a way to disable the click on a HideShow control? I want it to collapse/expand only by code. Kind regards, Piet… »
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« While trying to import data from Firebird Sql table, I receive this error on a single file. may be because two fields of this file are computed ?… »
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« Good Day I have an API where the AuthKey is in the header. How would I specify that in my code? I have tried to use the Header function but it doesn't allow me to do so. cMyReque… »
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« I am facing a particular challenge in terms of designing a webdev application and looking for ideas from the forum on best possible design methodology. I have an insurance system … »
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« Hi, I am using ajax to update some db data, i don't want to wait for the ajax to finish but when it does finish I want to run ListDisplay(Combo_Intro,tainit) to refresh the list b… »
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« Hi all, I've found into a post of 2014 about "page load spinner" in WB20 (http://forum.pcsoft.fr/es-ES/pcsoft.us.windev/46340-page-load-spinner/read.awp), that there is a flag on … »
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« Hi all, I am at the point where I want to deploy my site, in order to show to a client very soon. Unfortunately I am getting a fatal error with the code 70150. The entire message f… »
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« Heya everyone. I've never tried to do anything like this before, so I figured I'd ask if it's even possible before wasting a bunch of time on it. I'm writing a small web service f… »
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« So I have a web service developed in WB20 that has a bunch of public procedure I call from a WinDev Mobile application. I know when debugging a procedure I can right click the pro… »
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« I'd like to display a hidden textfield when the user clicks a button. No problem, set visibility = true. Then, however, the page refreshes and jumps to the top. Any possibility to… »
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