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« Hi Is it possible to pass a PAGE or a Report as a parameter in a procedure? Something similar to: PROCEDURE Test (testPage is PAGE, testReport is Report) do something END if not… »
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« Hi to all. How do you change the Webdev interface and code language (example French ot English) ? Thanks… »
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« Hi All and thanks in advanced. In WEBDEV I have the following code: MyDate is Date = "20170101" // (01/01/2017) My Date = MyDate..day += 5 Answer should be 20170106 (01/06/2017… »
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« Hello, If those who are highly proficient in WB can tell whether it is practically possible to build PWAs in WB or not? Currently we are using Ionic for building PWAs (and there … »
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« Install Driver Nativo MSSQL Server… »
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« Hello I have different Pages with forms to be filled out by the user and then a report is generated with the corresponding values. So far what I do is: STC_VersNr = PAGE_Form_AI.… »
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« Hello, The organization chart control is not available in WebDev, but has anyone an idea on how to achieve something similar, be it a very simple chart for example just showning a… »
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« Good Day I have created a service on Webdev that returns all the data to my phone and works 100%. I also have an image column in my database where the image is saved as Binary dat… »
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« Good Day I have a webservice that I created on Webdev, it works 100% - I imported the webservice wsdl site to my mobile project. When I test it on the emulator on the PC it works … »
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« Good Day I created a web service on WebDev. First I declared a structure: STGetCurrentPrice is structure bSuccess is boolean sErrorMessage is string sProductCode is string sProdu… »
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