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« Greetings Gang, Has anyone else used WB to build a Facebook Messenger bot??? For the most part I have everything working the way I want. But I'm damned if I can figure out how t… »
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« Hi all, Where to find the file LIBMYSQL.DLL 32bit version on a 64 bit machine? (after the windows 10 creator uodate I've gor the error 27 when testing my app) Regards, Henk… »
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« Hello developers. Almost 3 months I'm learning and at the same time programming a project in WEBDEV (version 20) I find myself stuck in a part and therefore my query here. It is w… »
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« Good Day I am trying to drag one image onto another image. It's a program where you design your logo onto a shirt, cap etc. I can drag the image onto the shirt no problem. the 2 i… »
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« Good Day I created an HTML Text box. In the text inside I have some TEXT with links. How can I on click just return the link details to a Normal text box. HTML TEXT BOX name = EDT… »
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« Hi everyone. Is it possible to use ThreadExecute() to start a secondary thread that is global to a web service across multiple users? I have a web service that allows users to upd… »
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« Hello Firstly my setup: I use IIS 7.5 on a Windows Server 2008 R2. Under C:/ I've created a new folder called "MyProject" where I install the webdev project (note I have it NOT in… »
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« Hi, I'm struggling with a weird problem. I'm using dCopy to copy some little images into an image control. The copy is from one image control to another. An image variable as copy… »
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« Hello I have problems connecting to both MariaDB and Mysql, from webdev v21 The message it throws is as follows: image: Https://kn3.net/60A83C531D0PNG.html I tell you what I did… »
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« Group Memebers: Where can a solid assessment/review of Webdev be found online? Thankyou. -Kevin… »
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