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« Hi all, I'm used to working with an xml parser (a little bit spoiled). Is there a method to read a xml node at once is a structure. Parsing on the names, like this: Part of the X… »
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« Hi all, Should be quite simple but it isn't. I want to allow my website admin to dynamically edit a site using Rich Text Areas (RTA). Enabling the Rich Text Areas for editing by t… »
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« Hello everybody I have created on site a function for sending e-mails (from my google account). Till now I have sent maximum 10 e-mails/day This is the code SI EmailOuvreSessionS… »
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« hi there, I put in server code of (whenever modified) combo_address sMyaddress is string = COMBO_address..DisplayedValue Info(sMyaddress) The combo box is populated but when sel… »
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« Hi and thanks for the Help in advance. I am having an issue with the TreeView Control (Not the TreeView Table). I am able to to load the data into the TreeView Control from my da… »
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« Hello Is it possible to somehow overwrite the default style of certain controls (the Edit Control in my case)? I'd like to drag the edit control onto my page and it is already in … »
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« Hi all, I upgraded my site project to version 22. When deploying to the PC Soft test hosting I get a message that the application server needs to be upgraded too. This is obvious,… »
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« Good day. I have a problem with the query inside Webdev PHP. I created a query with multiple parameters where the some of the parameters is in the LIMIT function. If I add the Lim… »
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« Hi all, I don't understand this behaviour: in development mode the test of my site runs just fine, but when I deploy to the PCS test cloud I get this error: "Le site a mal foncti… »
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« Good Day I have a Large Table and would like to bring in only certain amount of rows at a time. I have tried different methods but cannot get this to work. Here is what I have tri… »
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