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« Hi All The default login page provided with Webdev User Groupware is very plain. I want to "dress it up" a bit. However on the help page for webdev user groupware there is the fol… »
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« Hello everybody! I have created I little site to be used by clients of a firm and by manager of this firm. Depending on user profile they can see different pages. Clients can see … »
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« Does anyone have any pointers on setting up user authentication for web services? What I'm trying to do is have multiple web services deployed to a WebDev Administrator server, an… »
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« Hello there, I'm trying to make an input mask for minutes in and EDT. My current input mask is: 'Spin * (HTML5: number)' input mask to go up in minutes one by one. (with a minimum… »
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« Is there any way when I click on the magnifying glass in a table can do a search for any string in the column? Alternatively, another way of doing the same search. Thanks… »
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« Hi all, I want to refresh a combo at runtime. I've used ListDisplay(COMBO_QRY_Catalog, taInit) for this. But it ain't work. For a table using the same query I have used TableDispl… »
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« Is it possible to enter php code directly on WebDev? -- ee… »
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« I would like to use the eBusiness Sample app as a starting point for a site I want to work on. I can't figure out how to make the app when it opens go to the website and not the a… »
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« Could someone take a look at the eBusiness sample project and tell me what I need to change to get the website home page to open when it starts rather than the Management page? I … »
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« Apologies if this topic has already been covered. I have a website developed with Webdev. I need to display a external pdf file in the browser window. Can someone advise which is t… »
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