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« Hi all, We have a Webde vsite with different starting (first) pages. Every client has it's own startingpage.with specific information. Can somebody think of a way to construct an … »
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« Hi All Please in responsive mode I have in Mobile slice a column size of 50 pixel I want that in Tablet mode or desktop mode the size of this column enlarge With anchor I can enlar… »
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« Hi All, we just bought WebDev 24 to find out if it is suitable for our web development. We would like to use Microsoft Azure's appservices to host the websites. The database is Azu… »
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« Hello everybody, with great effort I managed to deploy my application but I have a problem with the HFSQL database server. On the deployment server the data server has a different … »
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« Hello. I was wondering if it's possible to get rid of the "(Test version)" title when deploying in the webdev 10 connections web server.… »
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« good afternoon Do you know how I can find this "wd240etat.dll" DLL Thanks Carlos Lopes… »
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« Hi all, When we try to change the Over font on our links webev crashes. We also have an unrelated issue to do with the drawer control, this being when we run it and click the butt… »
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« Greetings Gang, Has anyone else used WB to build a Facebook Messenger bot??? For the most part I have everything working the way I want. But I'm damned if I can figure out how t… »
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« Bungiorno, I can't find a way to launch an external page like https://www.formula1.com/ I would like to do it from code and not from a link, the operation must be automatic. What… »
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« New web application using WinDev 24. I decided to add groupware and selected the Custom user groupware option. Works when the supervisor logs in and selects the Access the site BU… »
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