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« Hi all, Looking for a way to display an hour glass or any other way (except progress bar) to inform user of ongoing calculations. The display has to start at the start of a server… »
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« Hi all, The position of Pinned controls (AWP responsive page) are not updated after a screen rotation in Safari. (Just after a page refresh) It's a Safari issue. It works fine wit… »
Débuté le 18 aoû. 2021 par
« Where can I download the Webdev26 application server?? The last one is still Webdev 25..… »
Débuté le 18 aoû. 2021 par
« I am developing a site that requires product videos. I was hoping to use MP4 with HTML5 support or a common format across platforms. I am using the Multimedia / VIDEO control and h… »
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« When I specify an upload file and start an upload (UploadStart) I get the error below. Seems like it may be a file permissions issue and it is unable to copy the file but I don't k… »
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« Hi, Since Webdev is still unable to fix the first columns in a table - essential behaviour for tables, Pcsoft ??? - I try a simulation. Put the 2 tables side by side, the left one … »
Débuté le 11 juil. 2021 par
« Hi, how can i receive parameters from the url (externa site) and then use them within the site? thanks… »
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« Good Day Is there a way to list all options in a menu in Webdev? Regards Ruan… »
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« Good Day How can I get all my values from my database and load all the values in the controls in the background and still have full control on the page. I tried everything but not… »
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« When I create an image of my solution, everything is done correctly except the inclusion of MariaDB dependencies. How to add to the Docker image and install the respective driver (… »
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