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« In my previous post I mentioned an issue of ArraySeek() always returning a value of 1 regardless of whether the sought value existed or not. Having returned to programming I also … »
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« Hi I want to use an SQL function. But it doesn't work. Do you know HFSQL? Help is included, but little info.… »
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« Hi all, I have a project that has to use .NET libraries. I imported the library in my WINDEV project and start with initializing objects.  It works with no problems. When I tried … »
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« J'ai trouvé cette formation très intéressante basé sur windev. Prière d'aller visiter … »
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« If you are looking for help on a programming assignment help, then I will recommend you to get in touch with professional writing service providers like - BookMyEssay. It has an ex… »
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« Hi... I have a routine where a make a reset of all the variables of the session, and then redirect to the login Page. PROCEDURE limparVariaveis() IF gstUtilizador.gsessionid <… »
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« I need some help with a weird problem. Using WD27...I have 2 database tables: codes & productType. The productType has a field that indicates if it is inactive. I have a table con… »
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« Hello everyone, According to WinDev help this should provide me with binary of the string. Am I right? sRaw is string = Encrypt(sHash, "", encodeNone) But it doesn't. Why?… »
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« its just beautiful how easy I can import and use my old native ACCESS-2003 DB into Tables, sort and filter ..... but DATETIME Field exports only the DATE-Part if I update it or cr… »
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« Good morning folks, I would like to know if there was anyway I could execute my own piece of code after say deleting a filter I had previously set on a table column using he AAF m… »
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