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« Hi, This message is to announce that WinDev 23, WebDev 23 and WinDev Mobile 23 are now available (pre-release version). You will find the download link here : http://www.windev.… »
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« Hi, In version 23 I cannot work with these ?? The XMLDOCUMENT var works onley in this syntax: xmldoc is xmldocument ,Descrtiption= "XMLfile" > It doesnot work from a string?… »
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« Hello, I'm having a hard time with regex. I need to isolate parts with a certain color in a RTF field. Here is my source : Quote {\ tf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\ ouicompat\deflang… »
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« Dear all, may be it is interesting for you: I tried to covert a WD22 / HFSQL application to MySQL Database, and choosed the latest MySQL Version 8. It seems not to work with WD … »
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« Hi Forum, I am trying to create something like hmodifystructure() myself to use it for mySQL. No I wonder, wheather I can enumerate the physical files and their items on the Serve… »
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« WinDev 22 - 01A220073h Anyone else had an email issue with WinDev error when TLS 1.0 is off? We now have to use TLS 1.2 on Servers and need PCs to match. But when I turn off TLS … »
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« Hi, I'm using the PDF-Reader of WD23. Works just fine. Now I changed the standard ribbon to RUBAN_WINDEVFAA_LecteurDocument in order to add an edit control "EMAILADRESSE" for an e… »
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« Hi All Anyone used this successfully in WB? If so, I would be interested in how you got it to work. Cheers André… »
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« Hi. Most of commercial retail ERP have their own labeling editor software. A specific interface for designing custom labels, tags and product signs or banners. Is there a way to … »
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« Hello all, With the connection to a MySQL database defined in the analysis i get the error: Native MySql access for WINDEV (not installed) I installed WinDev23 with the native My… »
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