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« Having a play with the above. No (promised) updates yet which is poor as this is one of the 'flagship' items of v22 but there we are, this is PCS. That said there are quite a lot … »
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« WB20 Hi, is there a way to load a Browser type Looper using code? Every type of statement I try and use gives an error because it can only be used in server side processes. Cheer… »
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« What is the WD equivalent of the microservices architecture? Would it be WDL's (the WD version of DLL's?), which are now discouraged? Components, which are included in a project..… »
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« Hello, I have received a query to build a chatting client that would allow users to chat with each other, transfer file/photos/videos. I think to achieve this what I will have to… »
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« Hello all, Is there an alternative to the close() function where I can use the Handle() of a window? In the Windev help I can only find the close() function which is only compatib… »
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« Hi, in my program the user can send me the error/exception description when an error/an exception occurs. Usually i get the email and a message from google (security warning). Som… »
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« Hi, Yesterday I made my first mobile App !! Yep and I put it on my Android phone and it worked :spos:. I have a question though: It takes quite some time for the gradle to finni… »
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« Hi Im use activex tx text control in my project I do this task: Copy all need activex control dlls and ocx file in app folder Use regsvr32 and registry tx4ole24.ocx and mfc42.dll ,… »
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« I have lodged a free support request with PCSoft for the issue described below. Has anyone else experienced any issues with SAAS connected to IIS? The default development SAAS (ap… »
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« Have been trying to download ver 22 over the past week. Clicked all the appropriate links to download the 12.8 mb starter file, I get the "Sending Request to Package.Windev.com", a… »
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