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« We're happy to announce that version "Update 1" (290061r) of WINDEV 2024, WEBDEV 2024, and WINDEV Mobile 2024 is ready for download on our website. You'll find it here : https://w… »
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« Hello, I try to use dynamic tabs. As far as I work on my project everything was ok, untill now. I would like to acess individual controls on panes (like edit boxes eet, just stan… »
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« For those who know Javascript and IBM BPM, I need to know how to delay the execution of the trigger below, represented by the IBM BPM code this.context.trigger();. The code is act… »
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« I installed at 32-bit WinDev only (need Analysis to run in 32-bit for legacy OBDC drivers) in the default directory (C:\PC SOFT\WINDEV 2024). -- Used Install.exe /32 as referenced … »
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« I have compiled an application made in windev 24 with windev 28. The functions are processed correctly but at the end of the procedure Windows closes the application with an error … »
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« Hello, I have a strange behavior with the procedure "fTrackDirectory". The procedure itself works ... but after some time (felt after about 4 hours) the monitoring of the folder se… »
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« Hi guys, This is probably simple but I can't find a way. Is there a way to make the NumberInWords() function return the string in spanish?... Thank you in advance. -- Antonio D… »
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« Hi, The more I practice, the better the results... What a surprise! I can INclude values in a string-based filter: File.Filter("Name ~]' aaa ' OR Name ~] ' bbb '") LOOP_File.Displ… »
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« Good morning. I'm trying to connect to a ModBUs TcIp to read data. I followed the instructions in the manual.... "...... // Create a session and connect to the Modbus server at the… »
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« Hi guys, For those of you who know Clarion, I come from many years of using it. I've used Triggers (on the server side) all the time but I have problems with WINDEV. I always get … »
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