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« Hi, We're happy to announce that version "Update 1" (260101D) of WINDEV 26, WEBDEV 26, and WINDEV Mobile 26 is ready for download on our website. You'll find it here : https://wi… »
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« Good Morning. I have a problem, when I print preview a report, when I try to start printing, the button doesn't work, or it doesn't print. Is it about the default printers being X… »
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« I keep getting 403 messages when going to the link of Windev setups deployed via pcscloud. Deployment works without error, but can't actually use the install link created. Anyone … »
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« Hi, it is possible to create a service that exposes endpoins as it is possible to do with .NET and WCF without using IIS? thanks… »
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« In order to carry out the project I am developing, I had to import a .NET library. The library works fine except when I try to define a property. I think the problem comes when in … »
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« When I export the data in a tablecontrol to Excel, all date columns are formatted as "custom" instead of "date". This way, sorting such a column in Excel does not work as expected.… »
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« Hello In some pc's the RESTSend not responding today but in other pcs responding and its ok . cMyRequest is restRequest cMyRequest..URL = "my https url" cMyRequest..Header["Accep… »
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« Hi, Can WinDev Mobile easily integrate and use technologies such as: 1. Bootstrap, 2. PhoneGap, 3. PayPay as payment gateway, 4. CSS, 5. Accessing native device features such as … »
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« Hi all I'm just set up a new email account with GoDaddy, but although I can receive emails, it will not send them. I've used exactly the same code (except the user, password etc)… »
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« Hello, I have a problem after replacing the disk with the dongle driver for windev and windev mobile. Windows 10 simply does not recognize them, ie I could not find a Hasp HL 3.25… »
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