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« I am trying to put logic into a TREEVIEW server click section and get the following error: The 'TVCLIC_SUBMIT' command does not have the right parameters. (009, ERR_BAD_PARAMETER… »
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« Hi , I am looking to integrate an OCR into my windev app and basically the options are two tesseract for free. has anybody implemented any of these in windev? ocrtools . Is it p… »
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« I am sending eMail from an application. The code works and eMail is sent from the application and received quickly on the other end. But the code is indicating that the eMail was n… »
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« I've never had a problem with this before and have applications that use different languages. But, on a new application written with version 21, I have a menu option where, clickin… »
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« i!! please i'm develop a softwar in windev (stock management) and i want to print a bill. but, when clicking on print and restar windows, my new windows appear with the old informa… »
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« Is there any way to save and restore the settings of a table control (SQL) to a file (or database field)? All will save all settings like filter, sort order, fields, field order, … »
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« Hello, Is it possible to add the auto sign in possibilities from google in an adroid app in WinDev Mobile 20? If so, how? If I declare a gglConnection variable, it says: Error:&l… »
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« Hi all I have Updated from WinDev 20 to 21 But I seem to have lost a lot of examples Is there a link, to download all the examples that were In WinDev 20 WebDev 20 and WinDev Mobil… »
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« I am just sharing some things That maybe a help to some of the English Developers. If your screen is getting a bit crowded, this works from Windows Vista and up Just hold down the … »
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« Good evening everybody, is there a way to deploy a WebDev application just by copying application files (via FTP for example) like I do with, for example, a WordPress site?… »
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