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« I have a MS SQL Server database that I need to open using a valid C# connection string. Is there a way to open the connection using the provided connection string? I want to be abl… »
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« Hello, I can access my CMS perfectly. But now and then I want to access it at a specifice page with an url. When I use the IP address it works fine. When I use the domain name I … »
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« Greetings Gang... Ok... So who uses what for sending and receiving SMS (regrettably it looks like NexMo won't cut the mustard) C!!!… »
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« Hi, I have a site a user needs to login to. The site is opened from an external link on a static non-Webdev page, embedded in an iframe on the user's own website. If the user open… »
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« I was having some trouble getting a SQL stored procedure to work, so I wrote a little program that just takes SQL code input and runs it against a server, and returns the first col… »
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« Hello I have over 120 excel files to protect with the same password. These files are created with WD, reading each record (one for every excel file) from a customer file and becaus… »
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« I have a full license to Version 17 with like-new manuals, installation disks, and dongles. (I hardly used any of the bits ) I also have a copy of Glenn Rathke's 'Getting Up to Spe… »
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« Hi All Pardon my ignorance I see a lot of referance to WX Could some one enlighten me to the meaning of WX Thank you all, in advance. Peter… »
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« How to preview report in windev (LINUX Generation), because ipreview not available for LINUX and open pdf also not available… »
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« How to preview report with Windev in LINUX ?, because ipreview is not available for LINUX, and open pdf also not available in linux target.… »
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