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« Hello All, When opening a project in windev mobile and you have a list of recent porjects how do you change the Icon that appears in that list? DW… »
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« Hi Just tried starting my first new project in WD23 and have had an Invalid vTable error twice now when trying to saving a new/modified file in the analysis. It seems to be at rand… »
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« Hi All [WB23 Dynamic Site] I have various template controls on a page. Is there a way to change the ZOrder of the controls, bring one above the others? Thanks… »
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« Hi folks So I have written this code:- DisableAaf((,aafFilter) I cant find the function in WINDEV to reverse what I did above it would be nice if there was an EnableAAF function… »
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« Hi All Records in looper well in excess of 15. Displaying a limit of 15 rows. Initial status visible. Don't display the pager when it contains a single subscript is unchecked -… »
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« Hi All, We are trying to create an external component which can be used for different web projects. The idea is to reduce the maintenance cost of adopting when some changes are ma… »
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« Hi All Is there anyway to apply panels and panel association and selection to a page in WB? I see the option is available on the flyout but disabled. Anyway to enable it? Cheers… »
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« Hello, Got an application developed in Powerbuilder. I need to capture an image and store that in the database. Capturing image from powerbuilder seems tricky and easier in Windev… »
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« Hi All I need to change a specific character in a string. What is the syntax or function to use to do that? Cheers André… »
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« Hi all, I have a question specific to Dutch Developers. I'm looking for a .WDM file in Dutch for version 22 or 23. Anyone willing to share this. Of course there is a financial com… »
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