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« Hi all Now that Windows 11 is out, has anyone taken the step to upgrade to it and if so have you experienced any problems with the WinDev suite? I am happy to continue with Windo… »
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« Hi everyone, I'm currently using Windev 27 and use the Map control to show itineraries, I have a working googleapi key, and other features such as getting the gglcoordinate works.… »
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« Hi I have a question about replication on HFSQL and the function HTrack I was testing if see it is possible to know when a record was change on a server this server I'm refering … »
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« How can I get back the breadcrumb below in the source code editor. It has disappeared in Windev. thx JOhan… »
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« Hi I have a question about this function and the documentation doesn't tell anything about this I know this functions will call a procedure of the project (could be a window proc… »
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« Hi I'm having a little program and I search about this but never came to a solution I have this app on my servers to manage my DB But for somereason the status of the server show… »
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« Hi, I am trying to put a double mouseclick with SendKey("{LEFTBTN2,180,640,}") on a specific place on the screen of an external window. But depending of the used monitor and screen… »
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« didnt find anywhere the default kbd shortcuts for the HTML Editor Control. How can I quickly (without menu) assign H1, H2, H3 or a Hyperlink --> anywhere a list that I overlook… »
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« Hi I need to connect my app to a SOAP webservice but I've been searching on steps and libraries to help me but didn't really find something do you guys have any idea how to do that… »
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« Hi I have deployed an App (only Android version for now) which use Push Notifications. This notifications work well ... when only text are sent. When I want to send nicer push, wit… »
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