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« Hello, I am trying to set working hours in my Gantt column. There is a function "GanttWorkingHours" and it works fine if the employee has fixed working hours (for example, he alwa… »
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« Hi, Where can i download the reserved application server and how to install? Regards, Herro… »
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« Greetings, I have a combo box time field: 07:00:00(HHMMSS) which means I want to execute something at this time each morning. Application is always running. How to achieve it ? C… »
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« as title pseudo code (not possible) For Each Control C IN MyWindow SWITCH C..ControlType CASE typButton: //do something CASE typTable: //do something CASE typText: etc... thank… »
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« I was having some trouble getting a SQL stored procedure to work, so I wrote a little program that just takes SQL code input and runs it against a server, and returns the first col… »
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« Bonjour à tous, Je lance une bouteille a la mer car je n'ai plus d'idée. Voici mon problème : J'ai un client qui a récemment migré sur office 365 et qui a modifier les UPN de son… »
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« Hi everyone could someone tell me how to put an alternating backgroud for the line in a Gantt graph? The tabkle have alternate background collred en trasparent ma the Gant colunm n… »
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« As Title, what for a Return/Result-Type is to use? Thanks meikl;)… »
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« Hi, We're happy to announce that version "Update 2" (280094S) of WINDEV 28, WEBDEV 28, and WINDEV Mobile 28 is ready for download on our website. You'll find it here : https://wi… »
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« Hello All Has anyone else tried the new WIndev game ? Just try and drag a window from one folder in the project explorer pane to another folder in the pane - hours of fun for every… »
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