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« I have a response from PCSoft to my question about the example for the Activation Key. It is in English, but it is in a zip file. How do I post this to the forum?? :confused:… »
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« When can we expect the first update of Windev 23 UK?… »
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« Hello Dear Forum members, I am looking forward to build an application (UI) using Windev that communicates with SPS TwinCAT-Beckhoff software. I would like to see a sample applica… »
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« Running dbgSaveMemoryDump() is bring up an error.. I've checked the framework dll's are all 'WD210*.dll', the application was created in WD21. If I try & run using CTRL+PAUSE, t… »
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« Is there an option to activate the auto-rename? When I change the name of controles, this is no longer triggered. Prior to windev 23 I was able to do this by just clicking a warni… »
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« HNbRec() and ..NbItem error out because the Data Source is not initialized. Is there any way to tell if the Data Source has been initialized besides catching the errors?… »
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« Hi, when TypeScript release by Microsoft 5 years ago , I though it's just a joke that there's no way to beat angularJS . but now, Angular 4 is written in TypeScript . I start wond… »
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« Hello I want to move between 2 champs schedule the Appointment by drag and drop, but not find how Can you help me? thanks… »
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« Hi All! Please can you tell me if the only way in WD, WB to "use" Google Sheet is download (GglGetDocument), modify and then upload (GglUploadDocument) it? Is there a way to update… »
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« Hi, I have to transmit some strings to a non windev application (TCP application on a server) Therefore i use the sockets. My code steps were the following: 1. SocketConnect("Clien… »
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