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« Hi, maybe a silly question, but how to find empty strings [""] in code? best regards, Xavier… »
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« Hi All in the screen there is no information of when the connection was last used or when it was created. I am having servers with hundreds of connections, some connections are o… »
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« Hi to all. If I have the parameter "loaded in memory / max limit" set in a table control then after nn records appears a message that the number of records is reached. Can this m… »
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« Hi All, I am new to Webdev. I could not display an image (Company Logo) with Transparent background in the Cells. I can display the image with other image editors without any pro… »
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« WD22 Thought I would bring myself up to date so the application I have is based on dynamic tabs - I like them and it does look good but I seem to have dug myself a bit of a hole. … »
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« Hi all, I'd like to know if there is a way to "grab" the subdomain from a subdomain url like Customer.domain.com. What I need is handing Customer to Webdev. The reason for this is… »
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« Hi I have created a program that views opens pdf files from a folder, but i dont want users to be able to just browse the folder and open them directly. Im wanting to create a li… »
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« Yes, it's me again, with a new problem. In the past I've been using several DLL's in my programs with the LoadDLL and CallDLL32 functions of Windev. This worked well everytime wit… »
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« Possibly the patch, not sure...… »
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« Hi All, is there a training video or example for creating this sort of application? Any pointers appreciated. Thanks Noel… »
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