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« We've a third party .net API that accepts input of type 'byte array'. The data to be send to the API is saved in HFSQL database in Memo format. Do how do we convert byte array to … »
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« Hi, Anyone work with Odoo API and windev or windev mobile ? Able to comment ? Regards, PETER ZHOU… »
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« Hi I am using a table control to display selected records from a database. The database is used to record visitor entries from different buildings. Each station will see only thos… »
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« Good afternoon. How can I convert a wddoc, from graphic objects to an image. Is there any way, or else the internal windows for image? greetings Tiago Mortinho… »
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« Hi all a client needs his pos to be transfered onto a tablet. What sort of printers work with ipads / anrdoid and windev mobile? I know that iprintreport is not available so will… »
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« Since long we seem unable to add subtotals in a PVT. When is this going to be enabled? Always announcing new things but never finishing them seems to be a trademark of pcsoft. Is t… »
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« Having a bit of a problem with windev mail functions. I tend to use the outlook functions. They work ok with the exception that when the attachment file is large it hangs. I want … »
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« i'v created an application with windev 20 and i want it to update itself auto i saw the live update but i didnt understand well any one cold help me plz step by step , i'v set up s… »
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« For those who know Javascript and IBM BPM, I need to know how to delay the execution of the trigger below, represented by the IBM BPM code this.context.trigger();. The code is act… »
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« Folks, We are trying to integrate TX Text Control .NET into WinDev application. There is a license file associated with the TX Text Control (.licx extension file ). So when WinDev… »
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