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« good day, does anyone know how to implement ssl pinning with windev mobile, I have already done what the google documentation indicates by adding the existence of the networkSecuri… »
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« Hello everybody I wanted to report that with the latest update the problem I had with .net has been solved. I would like to express a criticism of Windev's assistance and I hope it… »
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« Hello everybody I don't want to be boring but I have this problem with .net Unfortunately it seemed to have disappeared, now it has reappeared The mistake is this Exception has be… »
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« I have an application designed by WinDev, and it stores its data in hyperfilesSql files. What I want to do, is to extract these data using a C# application. I tried to find a OleD… »
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« Anyone knows if i can use a CVS Repository to versioning my Windev Project? and if i do, can i compile my versions through a CVS Respository?! i have been working on these project… »
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« Hello to you all, Suddenly in one of my reports the following happens: I can click on 'print preview'. It shows the report with its header, footer lines etc.. I click on the print… »
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« Hello, I'm currently developing with Windev Mobile 27 and I would like to know if there exist the posibility to choose the resolution of the camera before taking the photo. And if … »
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« I am a student and I must develop an application with WinDev wich allow to display a 3D visualization of a STL file. This application must allow to add labels at specific positions… »
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« Hi I want to use an SQL function. But it doesn't work. Do you know HFSQL? Help is included, but little info.… »
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« Want to unprotect either your Excel Workbook or Excel Worksheet or both? Utilize the brilliant Excel Password Recovery Software from eSoftTools that can successfully unlocks the ex… »
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