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« hello to you all, Is there somebody who has experiance with the Strato backup HiDrive API? Thanks in advance.… »
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« Hi, I noticed that when creating tables using HCreationIfNotFound() the foreign key constraints (integrity constraints) are not created. I'm talking about mssql server, nor with t… »
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« Hi, is there an option to disable the "code coverage"? If I re-run the application from the IDE and the "integration of the code coverage" of the previous run hasn't finished yet,… »
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« Hi, I am converting my database from HFSQL to MSSQL. The IT-guys of one of the companies which uses my software don't like rare and unknown databases as hfscl is, they want a more… »
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« Hi guys, i have a problem. I have a xls with up 300.000 line and the file is 17Mb. I want to import this xls in my database. I fill a table with data found in xls, the memory of t… »
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« I am attempting to connect to tables in a HFSQL Client Server database via OLEDB from Excel 2016. Using Data, Get Data, From other sources, From OLEDB, I can successfully connect … »
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« |Hi I have a for all loop with a condition. I want to add a condition. The condition nees to be a search exampl for all people where people.existing = true looperaddline(... en… »
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« Original jobs specs are here... https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/112510/humble-developer-smart-start-inc I knew I was not qualified but the 'humble JAVA developer' caught my eye. I … »
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« Can anyone please confirm what the message below means. I am assuming it is trying to find the Translucent style. But I have searched my HD, backups and Recycle Bin and cannot find… »
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« Hello, I want to use this API: POST /v1/orders/ HTTP/1.1 Authorization: Basic aHVudGVyMjo= Content-Type: application/json { "merchant_order_id": "EXAMPLE001", "amount": 995, "cur… »
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