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« I am importing data from an Excel file into my database. In the process I encounter duplicates that I want to ignore. I am using the following code (after assigning the values): I… »
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« Hello, I have a control template with 3 edits: edtName, edtAddress, edtCity I have put this control template in a looper. Now I want to control the visibility of those edits. I… »
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« How do I get WinDev to use the video codecs I have installed? Right now I can only play .mpg files with WinDev. However, I can play anything with Windows Media Player. I have trie… »
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« Hello, I have a table whose structure is: p_product_id p_weight p_rate This table contains following data: p_product_id p_weight p_rate 1 0.250 1 1 0.500 4 1 0.750 7 1 0.900 7.5 1… »
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« Hi all, I have found it the hard way -- knocking my head endlessly against a brick wall -- that Windev is not capable of doing a W3C standard XML Signature (also called XMLDSig, X… »
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« I'm trying to use the query editor to help me figure out a complex query. However, I am unable to figure out how to add a grouping. The documentation on this makes no sense and it… »
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« Hi All I want to setup a new server and move my WebDev sites and Admin stuff over to it and then shutdown the old server. How must one handle moving the license for the WebDev Adm… »
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« Hi, I currently using the following code to toggle the selection mode of a looper control between Single and Multiselection. IF CBOX_MultiSel = True THEN LOOP_Images..Multiselect… »
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« Greetings gang, What the hell is the deal with when connecting to a Postgres database (when running with a HyperfileSQL database) that it creates public.fic turns out public.fic … »
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« Hi, I'm trying to get a handle on how to parse a JSON data payload. I'm able to use JSONToVariant to convert payload to JSON and then VariantToJSON to convert back into JSON and t… »
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