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« I have this REST webservice (wd23) deployed on a IIS7.5 webserver. I added the System.Web.Security assembly of the .Net framework to be able to call the ChangePassword method on th… »
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« Hey, I'm trying to download an MJPEG stream to a folder on my computer using WinDev, I was trying to use HTTPRequests but this didn't work. How would I go about doing this task? … »
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« Hey, I'm trying to download an MJPEG stream to a folder but I can't seam to get it to work. Using HTTPRequest gets me an error about the SSL certificate which I can't disable and… »
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« Hi, does anybody know how to adjust only some columns of table control according to size of column content? I use TableAdjust() to adjust whole table automatically but it works on… »
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« Hi is there anyone who could convert this 5 visual basic code to windev 23? [Visual Basic] Dim mi As IMicrocube Dim slice Set mi = ContourCubeX1.Cube.LoadMetadata("metadata.lt") … »
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« Hi, I have a stopwatch in my application before I call HEXECUTEQUERY() and after Tabledisplay() I stop the watch. I found a funny behaviour (local or over the internet, different… »
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« Hi, In the WebDev administrator I noticed there is a checkbox for prelaunched sessions. What exactly is that.? Thanks Glenn… »
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« I have a response from PCSoft to my question about the example for the Activation Key. It is in English, but it is in a zip file. How do I post this to the forum?? :confused:… »
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« When can we expect the first update of Windev 23 UK?… »
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« Hello Dear Forum members, I am looking forward to build an application (UI) using Windev that communicates with SPS TwinCAT-Beckhoff software. I would like to see a sample applica… »
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