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« Hello, Using WinDev23. I need to get the color of either the system active title bar, system task bar or current window active title bar. I have tried using SysColor() function wit… »
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« Hi all, When testing WB23's WW_Forum_PHP sample, in PAGE_EditTopic I noticed that it is impossible to write text which includes "extended" Ascii characters such as é, ä, ö, å, ü e… »
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« Hello, A friend of mine has got a project in which he has to build a chatting mobile app for his client for customer support along with a web back end. His client has around 1.45… »
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« Hi API Gurus, I need some help. I use a OCR API which has the following function: HRESULT OCR_MakeSearchable( PXODocument Doc, PXO_Options* pOptions, PXO_Pagelist PageList = NUL… »
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« Hi I have a Treeview Table loaded from a file and defined in the Content Tab to use a recursive link (parent_id = master_id) . This works perfectly if I don't use the 'Delayed Fill… »
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« Is there a way to get SQLCol() to not remove trailing zeroes from a result field? I have a query against an SQL database connected via SQLConnect(sServer, sUser, sPassword, sDatab… »
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« I set up a project level variable - gsEmailString. I also assigned it a value at the project level - then later in a login page, i have the user enter an email address Edt_Email - … »
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« Hi all, While trying to learn WB I am continuously experiencing a weird phenomenon when saving WB samples in the My Sites directory: the My Sites directory becomes hidden. If I un… »
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« Hi, we have been working with the SCM. Not everything works yet but it did quiite a good job with verion management. ( Not branching ) Ok the issue I wanted to create a version a… »
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« I have a Windev project (My First) that I am trying to get the code behind a button to display info from a SQL query. My project has an analysis attached to a Microsoft Access data… »
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