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« Hi all I have an issue that i am hoping someone can help/advise on; A process is running two individual procedures on seperate threads (using theadexecute). Within these threads,… »
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« Hi, This message is to announce that WinDev 24, WebDev 24 and WinDev Mobile 24 are now available (pre-release version). You will find the download link here : http://www.windev.… »
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« I am almost finished with an app that can grab temperature data from a hardware unit of ours and store it as a .csv file. The customer will likely need to get at it to email it to … »
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« Hi Every one I am trying to display on a Credit Card The Month and Year, can anyone point me in the right direction Thank you all Peter… »
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« Hello, I'm working with an external Ms SQL server in LAN network via OLEDB connection. The configuration works good and I'm able to read that database using queries with windev. Th… »
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« Hi. I need implement the code automatic execution when device receive the Push Notification. The notification is received in device and i need call to a function to data update. At… »
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« Hi forum, I've a WD11 Project which uses .NET dll compiled for Framework 1.1: if .NET Framework 2.0 is also installed, at runtime it is used instead of 1.1 one, creating errors in… »
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« Hello, I'm using a .net dll in my programm. It seems to be working in all windows configurations, except in windows Vista. Below the error message I get. Anyone an idea ? Framewor… »
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« Hi all im working with a .NET Assembly (.dll), all my test are ok, i can call the methods contained in the dll at any time. The problem ocurred when i make deploy on my final ser… »
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« Hello all, How can convert JP2-(Jpeg2000) file format to nomal JPG Files TIA Biju [note JP2 Sample file addd]… »
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