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How to access a table column in browser code?
Débuté par Stefan, 05 jan. 2023 17:14 - 1 réponse
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Posté le 05 janvier 2023 - 17:14
Hi all,

When upgrading a very old webdev project (version 19) to Webdev 27 I encounter an issue:

In the old project the following browser code event works perfectly:

Click On Tablename (on click browser event)
IF Combo_Box= 1 AND Tablename.ColumName = True THEN ...
code to be executed
(Tablename.ColumName is a boolean field in the table)

However Webdev 27 returns a compilation error stating the IF clause cannot be executed:

Error: The 'Tablename.ColumName' control is a table column: it is not accessible in browser code.

What is the proper way of accessing table information via browser code in WebDev 27?

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Posté le 27 janvier 2023 - 21:00
If the TABLE is not a BROSER TABLE just use AJAXEXEcute...