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« How can i print a report from android mobile, if the use of smart devices is expanding in a wide range of business environments? Now I'm not able to print any report from an androi… »
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« Hi All I am developping an app for ios and android. The app is working fine, but if the app moves to the background or the ios-device is going on standby, I lose connection. When… »
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« I have some buttons with a style setup as in the image below and, in the same window, a lot of "static" caption with the following style please note the FONT SIZE in both images an… »
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« Hello there, when producing an android application you have the option to put the Google API key on the Generation wizzard of the app. You dont have that option when generating an … »
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« Si vous voyez dans le graphique quand j'envoie un fichier pour consulter la première ligne, j'obtiens un résultat dans un cryptage différent et ce résultat je veux bien le faire je… »
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« please consider this portion of code FOR X = 1 TO 4 // Info("tractor@dpi1x.png") {"BTN" + WIN_Main..Plane + "_WP" + X, indControl}..Image = "tractor@dpi1x.png" END I need it beca… »
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« Hello, i get this error when some modification is made in a HF data file but only if the data files are in the external SD card. Can somebody help me ? ps: i think this error occ… »
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« Hi! this line addIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_SHORTCUT_ICON_RESOURCE, Intent.ShortcutIconResource.fromContext(getApplicationContext(),R.mipmap.ic_launcher));//Use your icon to dis… »
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« ...because I can't understand!!! I'm developing an App for the three main Platform. INSIDE the WM 22 environment EVERYTHING runs perfectly but... - when I install it on an Androi… »
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« Hello, I am looking for some information about HFSQL. We have an app that was released in 2016 and had been functioning as designed. Since then, our developer has left and his mach… »
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