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« In the emulator it works great. The mask in the table column seems to take care of it. The mask is MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm AM On an actual phone the date time will show up as 02/26/2019 2… »
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« Hello, I have build the following table structure in MySQL to store MobileID: -- -- Table structure for table `push_service` -- CREATE TABLE `push_service` ( `ps_id` int(11) NOT … »
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« hello everybody as in the subject I have this problem: in my App I have a lot of edit fields, most of them with a NUMERIC mask (999) when the App runs on the iPhone, when the fie… »
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« Hi all I have this issue I have a project on Mobile in Android I changed the config of my project to be Ansi only just like the PC for default. I want to send a socket to a serv… »
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« Hello, has anyone implemented in an application the consent form to show advertising to the user? I have followed the steps indicated by Google to implement it in Android and the a… »
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« Hi all I have this issue with the following set up I have windev mobile 23 and Windev 21 on Windev Mobile 23 I have a project on iOS there I use SocketConnect to connect to my s… »
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« Hey everyone, I have a couple questions regarding developing for android devices. Firstly, is it possible to use the android x86 images for emulators, instead of the ARM ones? The… »
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« We are trying to connect to one of our hardware units with a tablet or phone. We have been doing it with WinDev for years via a computer. It has worked fine over the years. Using t… »
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« Hi all. How can I view a PDF document in Android called by a web service. Thanks in advance… »
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« Can anyone confirm that a Windows CE/Mobile application that I've written in Windev Mobile v23 will run on a device that has the Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS installed. … »
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