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« hello folks I just published a new App for Android (the iOS version in the next days) and I have, as in the subject, a strange problem using the FTPSEND function Due to the data… »
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« Hi everyone! I've managed to do something very strange and annoying ... I changed a lot in my analysis because a lot of fields were the wrong size or type and I needed to add some… »
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« Hi all It seems like NFC functions are only supported on Adroid phones in Windev mobile. Has anyone an idea how to solve the problem on Iphones? best regards Bo… »
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« Hi. I'm a new developer on Windev Mobile. When I try to compile my first App, I have this problem: Failure creating the Android application named <D:\App_Depo\Exe\App_Depo.apk&… »
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« Hi I want to publish from my device on twitter, instagram an so on, I only get some code for FaceBook but I don't see another ones to log in with twitter or another social media, … »
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« Does anyone knows what type of android apps does windev 22 / 23 generate ? are they 32Bit or are they 64Bit ?… »
Débuté le 11 mai. 2018 par
« Hi everyone I want to put an edit to a looper, but this edit I want it with Multilinetext my question here is that if I have 3 lines of text on that edit. How I cant increase the … »
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« Hi I'm using a SuperControl on it I have a MultiLineZone Dynamic, I want to position the supercontrol on the last row of the MultiLineZone, is it possible? I search functions on … »
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« Just running the tutorial trying to learn how to use WinDev23Mobile and I keep getting the error shown below. I am new to Android Studio/SDK and Gradle so don't have any ideas what… »
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« Hi I have a question it's about this: ScrollbarPosition(SC_SuperControl,sbVert,SC_SuperControl..UsefulHeight) I use this code just to position on the last row of my MultiLineZon… »
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