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« Hello, I use Windev mobile 18 This is not working on IOS Can anyone tell me how i can use camera to capture picture on IOS? sPhoto is string sPhoto = VideoStartApp(viPictureCaptur… »
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« I am creating a series of apps which will aim to link together and use the same data. So someone might load the first app for free. Create datasets for that app and then decide to… »
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« Is supporting Bluetooth for IOS applications in the near future? Thanks, Mike… »
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« Hello, I'm building firs IOS app. In emulator app Works fine on Mac Xcode How can i copy the app to Iphone or Ipad?… »
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« Hi Gents, I would like to add a custom style to my Android project. In order to do so I am trying this: (I've also tried to check the "write" option with the same result) The er… »
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« Hi, I've been trying to perform a multiple selection of images in Android but AlbumPicker only returns one image ? Any idea ? please. Warm regards.… »
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« Hi Gents, if I develop in Android Studio I can add dependencies to the Gradle app file in order to include libraries in my project. If I want to do the same thing in Windev Mobile… »
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« I am attempting to output my first app to Android and I seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding somewhere. I have downloaded Android Studio 2.1.3 and have downloaded both the … »
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« Hey, As on my previous topic, which has been fixed, (http://forum.pcsoft.com/en-US/windevmobile/26508-cle-google-map-lors-generation-application-android-26510/ Read.awp), I want t… »
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« Hi, I'm trying to store a time in a hfsql databaase. Its a time inputed by the user and so is held in a variable before trying to add it to the file. However when trying to write … »
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