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WDM21 Native Access Installation
Débuté par Elisha Spicer, 26 jan. 2018 23:20 - 1 réponse
Posté le 26 janvier 2018 - 23:20
Been running into an issue. we have a license and the module for sql server native access. i have installed it on my machine and whenever i attempt to use the native access in WinDev Mobile 21 i am presented with an error about native access being not installed?

i have looked for information on how to remedy this but am turingin up noting specific.

Does the native access need to be installed to a specific location?

can WinDev Mobile be told where it is installed?

Thank You
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Posté le 15 février 2018 - 16:24
Hi Elisha. Natives access are for Windev and Webdev, not for Mobile.

You can Look at http://www.sqlmanagerx.com to locate options for WM. Particulary look at http://www.sqlmanagerx.com/websqlx/html/modules/icontent/index.php…, but you need use a server with PHP to connect to SQLServer.

Another option is to use the WX230PACKRSRV.exe server module with Windev or Webdev to connect to SQLServer database.