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Native MariaDB Connector Tech Specs System Requirements
Débuté par Boudreau YAN, 24 jan. 2023 18:55 - 2 réponses
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Posté le 24 janvier 2023 - 18:55
What is the supported MariaDB version supported by this Native MariaDB Connector 23?

I need system-versioned-tables from MariaDB.
Technical issue with the Native MariaDB Connector 23 for WINDEV 23
I have MariaDB 10.10 installed and the DLL are in place
When importing the definition in the analysis from a bran new project, the connection test is successful with no tables to chose from.
When I hit next, Windev crashes without any error.

Just need the specs. Thanks.
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Posté le 24 janvier 2023 - 19:20
Seems to be a bug in WDANA.DLL
The fix exist and can be requested here from tech support, but I may juste get rejected for not being on the latest version...

Same issue with MySQL apparently here:
Posté le 31 août 2023 - 06:12
Ensure that the version of the Native MariaDB Connector you're using (version 23) is compatible with both your version of WINDEV 23 and MariaDB 10.10. Compatibility issues can lead to crashes and other unexpected behavior. Check if there are any updates or patches available for the Native MariaDB Connector or WINDEV 23. Updating to the latest versions may resolve compatibility issues or bugs that could be causing the crash. Even if you're not seeing an error message on the user interface, there might be error logs or crash logs generated in the background. Check the event logs on your system or any log files generated by WINDEV for more information about the crash. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to the support teams for both WINDEV and MariaDB. They might be able to provide specific guidance based on the error logs or your configuration. If possible, try a different approach. For instance, you might attempt to import the analysis with a smaller subset of tables or without using system-versioned tables to see if the issue is related to a specific aspect of your project. Set up a test environment where you can try different configurations, including using different versions of WINDEV and MariaDB. This can help you isolate whether the issue is related to the specific version or configuration you're using.