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3D Viewer in WinDev
Débuté par Humele, 26 sep. 2022 12:31 - Aucune réponse
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Posté le 26 septembre 2022 - 12:31
I am a student and I must develop an application with WinDev wich allow to display a 3D visualization of a STL file. This application must allow to add labels at specific positions in the frame (x, y, z).

I did researchs about it but the only conclusive research I've found is to create a complete 3D viewer except that I only have 12 weeks to do that.

I wanted to use OpenGL but I saw that OpenGL can only create basic component (cylinders, cubes, pyramids, ...) and it can't open an STL file to convert it on basic component (or just display the file)

After, I search if there is a library for WinDev (like a 3D Viewer) but I found nothing.

I found an OpenSource soft to see STL file (coded in C++), maybe there is something to export it (or a part) in WinDev (I use WinDev 17).

If someone have a solution for my problem...

Thank you,