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Idestination takes forever
Débuté par Fred vd Pol, 27 jan. 2023 13:18 - 3 réponses
Posté le 27 janvier 2023 - 13:18

I try to use Idestination(iViewer) to exam and then print text from an edit.
However, it takes ages before something is showing up on screen. Same happens when i use a query with a report.
When i use iMiniPreview it also takes ages as does direct printing.
My file is a HFSQL Classic.
My PC is a i7 with 16gb memory so that cannot be the culprit.
Does anybody know how to get things speed up?
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Posté le 01 février 2023 - 11:07
There could be several reasons why you are experiencing slow performance when using Idestination (iViewer) with your HFSQL Classic file. Here are some suggestions to help speed things up:

Update your software: Make sure you are using the latest version of iViewer and the HFSQL Classic driver. Software updates can include performance improvements and bug fixes.

Optimize your database: Check for and repair any corruptions in your HFSQL Classic file. Consider re-indexing your file to improve performance.

Reduce the size of your data: Consider reducing the number of records in your HFSQL Classic file by archiving or deleting old data that is no longer needed.
Optimize your queries: Make sure your queries are optimized for speed. Use indexes where appropriate and avoid using complex queries with multiple joins or calculations.

Increase memory: Consider increasing the amount of memory available to iViewer and your HFSQL Classic driver.

Network performance: If your file is located on a network, consider improving the performance of your network connection to speed up data transfer.

Upgrade hardware: If your system is still slow after making the above changes, consider upgrading your hardware, such as your CPU, memory or storage, to improve performance.

These suggestions should help you improve the performance of Idestination (iViewer) with your HFSQL Classic file. If the issue persists, I would suggest reaching out to the software support team for further assistance.
Posté le 02 février 2023 - 15:51
I found the problem. It was the printerdriver of my installed printer. i have made windows onenote the main printer and hey Presto problem solved. :D
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Posté le 11 mars 2023 - 11:51
In using the long path tool you just have to click on the long path tool application icon and the tool will provide you a window that contains all your files. You have now the capability to move, delete rename and modify your files without getting error messages. It is a user friendly tool and it is a quick fix for this issue.