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Sharing content through whatsapp or others programs
Débuté par Luca Forti, 20 juil. 2017 17:58 - 3 réponses
Posté le 20 juillet 2017 - 17:58
Hi everyone,
I see a lot of apps that allow to share their content through a lot of other apps (Whatsapp, Gmail, SMS, Copy text into clipboard ...).
We are developing an app and we want to insert a function that work this way:

I press on the "Share with a friend" button and a window popup, you click on Whatsapp (for example) and the chosen app open with a pre-filled text and you can share it with someone. In this case, Whatsapp opens up and you can send the pre-filled text to a friend to send them a link to the app.

Is it possible in WinDev Mobile 22?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
Posté le 21 juillet 2017 - 15:14
I hope this help someone with the same trouble:

I managed to open WhatsApp via ShellExecute, here's the example:

ShellExecute("whatsapp://send?text=Hello, World!")

This one opens whatsapp with the pre-filled text: Hello, World!
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Posté le 24 mai 2022 - 11:20
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Posté le 26 mai 2022 - 18:08
hi luca,

I understand that you are Italian, if you want we have a telegram account, windev Italy so we can exchange info faster.