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[WM23 Android] The Super Control
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Posté le 14 mars 2019 - 20:42
Hi all

I have a question about this control look:

My Window have Automatic scrollbar.

I have on this Super Control an edit and a Multizone.
on the bottom of this Super Control I have an Edit.

When I tap on the edit, the keyboard appear (that's ok)
I write on my edit (everything from here is fine)
Then I will try to use the scrollbar just putting my finger on the multizone then the scrollbar of the window it start to be modifying (that's not ok)
Even if I do the same with the edit it looks like the same situation (That's not even better)

if I put my finger out of the multizone and the edit then the scrollbar of the super control actually get to work! (THAT'S GOOD)

so how Can I get to work with the multizone and the edit?
Someone have try it this before?.

Now I know what it's happening but I need to get it work the scrollbar of the SuperControl while touching the multizone or edit when the keyboard it's on screen. Because if the keyboard is not on the screen everything works fine. that's why the window doesn't exceed of the limits of the device, but when the keyboard appear then it will show everything behind the keyboard that's why it's happening that now, I don't know how to get it work what I want.

Best Regards