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« Hi, I have a table with linked to a HF table. This table is a selection table with multiple selection enabled. When I click a link, I run the fowling server code in ajax mode FOR … »
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« Hi, I am trying to create a link on a record in a table that will perform a PageDisplay() and go to another web page and maintain a master detail relationship. In this case, I ha… »
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« Hi, Maybe this is a numb question, but here it goes I have an dialogue, that contains 3 edit box and 2 clickable images. Now when I click on one of the images, it is supposed to … »
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« Hello, You can include WLanguage code in the forum messages. The tags #DEFCONSTPCS-CODEDEB# and #DEFCONSTPCS-CODEFIN# let you display WLanguage code. When this code is displayed i… »
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« Hi everyone, I need to execute this code with a click FileDisplay("c:\test.txt","application/unknow","test.txt") TableAddLine(TBL_FD,"File displayed") The table TBL_FD is a table… »
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« I am currently using CCS and I am interested to hear from anyone with CCS experience who has moved to Webdev. Also any one who just evaluted CCS and went with webdev. I have just … »
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« Hello, WinDev and WebDev offer a search feature during print preview. When you are looking at a report, a search feature is available. There's no need to program anything to bene… »
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« Hello, WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile offer the “in*Mode()” functions. These functions let you know in which mode the application is running and in this way, select what code t… »
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« Hello, We're happy to announce that the pre-release of WinDev 12, WebDev 12 and WinDev Mobile 12 is available. You own a licence of version 12? You can now download it here: http… »
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« Hello, where are using WB10 on 2 different machines. All the files are updated to the last version of the project and all checked in. When we try to create an installation setup o… »
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