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Run Procedure in Background and full control on Page
Débuté par Ruan, 31 juil. 2021 01:12 - 2 réponses
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Posté le 31 juillet 2021 - 01:12
Good Day

How can I get all my values from my database and load all the values in the controls in the background and still have full control on the page. I tried everything but nothing seems to work. I tried Multitask but that also don't work. I tried ParallelTaskExecute and with that I cannot fill my controls. Thread execute also cannot fill the tables. ExecuteMainThread doesn't work at all. When the page load I don't want it to be locked while all the data is fetched before I can do anything on the program.


Posté le 19 janvier 2023 - 18:27
I am searching for a similar functionality. Could you solved this problem?
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Posté le 27 janvier 2023 - 20:59