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WinDev - WebDev Training in English
Débuté par Dan Matis, 22 fév. 2022 13:32 - 4 réponses
Posté le 22 février 2022 - 13:32
I am trying to get training that is provided by PC Soft for WebDev. The challenge is I do not speak French. Has anyone been through their programming. Does anyone have any ideas? I am trying to specifically learn more about UML, Analysis, WAS -Web Application Server, OOP - Classes etc .... My ideal situation is to learn from someone who has taken the courses and can teach me them in english. Any help or ideas are appreciated
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Posté le 15 mars 2022 - 16:04
If you finally do find this, please post what you find!:D

Chris C
Posté le 15 mars 2022 - 19:35
there is a whole channel of english video courses made by Fabrice Harari on youtube:

And last time I checked, he was making all kind of custom training depending of your needs (I took some myself)... check his website, fabriceharari.com if you want to contact him.
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Posté le 07 avril 2022 - 13:49
Hi Guys,

I can set-up any training session on any product, whatever you seek for a general "ramp-up" training or something very specific.
you can reach me anytime.

Kind Regards,
Posté le 08 avril 2022 - 15:40
https://www.wxtraining.net/ great resources Glen got me over the hump.