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WB22 - Pager Control
Débuté par André Labuschagné, 29 juin 2018 08:32 - 2 réponses
Posté le 29 juin 2018 - 08:32
Hi All

Records in looper well in excess of 15.

Displaying a limit of 15 rows.

Initial status visible.

Don't display the pager when it contains a single subscript is unchecked - makes no difference really.

Pager Control not displaying at all.

Any ideas?


Posté le 01 juillet 2018 - 00:43
It has magically appeared but now I have the problem of it not moving with the height of the looper.
Posté le 02 juillet 2018 - 09:36
Hi André,

In responsive mode controls may disappear if they are stacked in some cases. They move to an xpos of a very large positive or negative number.
I requested PCsoft to do something about this very inproductive feature.

About your current problem, the looper anchoring in height should be "adapt to content", "no min size" and the anchoring of the pager should be "none". The pager should be placed directly under the visible part of the looper, not below the looper grid.
This works for me.

Kind regards,