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WD Mobile set project Icon
Débuté par DW, 03 juil. 2018 14:32 - 2 réponses
Posté le 03 juillet 2018 - 14:32
Hello All,

When opening a project in windev mobile and you have a list of recent porjects how do you change the Icon that appears in that list?

Posté le 03 juillet 2018 - 16:02
Hi Dennis,

I don't know for sure, but it looks to me like it's the project icon, as defined when creating the apk/exe. So if you cahnge it there, it will change here, I suppose.

Best regards
Posté le 03 juillet 2018 - 16:59
Hello Fabrice,

No that does not work I have that Icon set but does not translate over to the ones in the recent list. There must be a way because all of the examples from PC soft have it.