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[WD23] simple question?
Débuté par GuenterP, 08 aoû. 2018 07:56 - 5 réponses
Posté le 08 août 2018 - 07:56

I wanted to see the last 100 or so code lines I worked on a certain project which I didn't open for some weeks. I do not use SCM/GDS and I'm the only developer of that project. Can someone show me how to see those lines of code?
Posté le 08 août 2018 - 10:57

Do not know of a way to display all the latest code written but you can see and changes/additions.
This of course assumes you have a backup of the project taken before the last modifications were made.

On the project tab of your app go to 'Compare' on the right hand side of the ribbon.
Click to show options... 1 = Compare two projects.
Select 'Current' and your backup - Click Run

Result is a list, by window/class, of all differences found in elements common to both - double click to display the code.
New elements in the current project are also listed but cannot be accessed from the list.
Posté le 08 août 2018 - 11:20
Hi Derek,

thank you! Yes, a project compare with a previous copy did it! But. I thought that there should have been an easy way to show the code lines in date-time input sequence for each developer. One shouldn't assume such things ...
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Posté le 08 août 2018 - 11:58
Just an advice, even if you're the only one on that project, you should use the GDS to manage your source code.
it's a good way to save it, and you can roll back if you need !
Posté le 08 août 2018 - 13:12
Hi Guenter,

there is a way with the FIND function... When you do CTRL-F and open the find pane, on the top left of the pane, you can see: Find "The text"

"The text" is a drop down combo where you can select other things like "the last modifications"

Best regards
Posté le 08 août 2018 - 17:46
Hi Fabrice,

thank you! This indeed shows the last modifications by developer! There's always a way .... thanks a lot!