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[WD23] How to get rid of test scenario errors?
Débuté par Ola, 11 aoû. 2018 15:58 - 1 réponse
Posté le 11 août 2018 - 15:58
Hi all,

I have 3 stubborn test scenario errors that surfaced when I upgraded my ERP from WD21 to WD23. I can delete the test code, but that doesn't delete the errors. They do not seem to have any effect on the functioning of the app, but they are annoying. How can I delete these errors (disabling them is grayed out)?
TEST_MT_TBL Error:TEST_MT_TBL.Scenario1 : The window was not closed by the test. TEST_MT_TBL.AUTRE.Scenario1, , line 0, column 1 Error:TEST_MT_TBL.Scenario1 : The test was locked by an unexpected dialog box. TEST_MT_TBL.AUTRE.Scenario1, , line 56, column 1 Error:TEST_MT_TBL.Scenario1 : 'BTN_Cancel' control does not have the focus. TEST_MT_TBL.AUTRE.Scenario1, , line 6, column 1 Best regards
Posté le 11 août 2018 - 17:22
Relax everybody, no panic any more!:)

I somehow managed to delete these test errors, but I don't exactly know how:eek:

Best regards