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Posté le 28 février 2021 - 13:51
Hello Everyone, with the version 26 (french version) already out and the international version 26 very close to be released, its time to start SUGGESTING new features for the next version of windev. WHY ? we did this exercise 2 years ago (in version 24) and allot of the features that where suggested in that post where implemented by PCSOFT on version 26. It took 2 versions of the software for them to implement it, but they did. That proofs that PCSOFT they do listen to their customers sometimes. On that opportunity i posted the suggestions later on the year that is maybe why it took 2 versions for the suggestions to be implemented. So this year i think i will make that post a little earlier to see if suddenly is possible for us to get some of the suggestions implemented for the next version of windev.

This year my suggestion is for WEBDEV. WINDEV AND WINDEV MOBILE, are the 2 platforms that get most of the attention every year in regards to updates and new functionality, making WEBDEV the orphan child that gets left behind. so my suggestion is the following:

1) Add on the advance section of the page in webdev the ability to be able to insert HTML code, CSS and Javascript code to the BODY section of the page, and to have more control of the code that is behind each page. at the moment we are able ton insert code on the header and after the footer of the page. but no way of inserting html code or control de code on the body of the page.

The reason i am asking this is because if we are able to control the html on ALL the sections of the page, we will be able to created more stunning and modern designs in webdev using custom HTML, CSS and Javascript. Webdev its a great tool but sometimes makes hard to implement beautiful modern designs for the lack of control of the HTML in the body of the page.

so i am asking PCSOFT to consider making an easier way of implementing custom web design templates inside the webdev design environment itself.

OK guys i hope this post will become as popular as the other one did so PCSOFT have a reason to read it and listen to us again.

God bless you all.... and good programming
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Posté le 01 mars 2021 - 23:25
I would be happy with the correction of the many bugs that each version adds. There is no point in adding new fantastic options if in each new version the previous ones that we have used in our programs stop working.

Posté le 02 mars 2021 - 17:05
I agree with colleagues, and I think there are several factors that PCSoft should strive for:
- Correct Bugs before releasing versions, since in the 26 in webdev you cannot insert HTML components or even the HTML control. Every time I try to insert it, it quits WebDev, and starts it again, I have already left it as impossible.
- Treat all products equally. It is very frustrating that you do something on a platform and when you have it and go to the web, it does not have the same functionality.
- all windev controls that are present in webdev
- Control Looper with Drag and Drop in webdev
- Resources in planner with background image, controllable from code.
- Improve reports a lot. It is impossible to enter a page break to force a paragraph to start on the next.
- Breakable or hold-together block concepts don't work
- Greater accuracy in the preview. Do not agree with what is actually printed, once the actual printing is implemented.
- Every time the code of a class is generated it repeats the constructor and destructor over and over again.

- HyperFile performance improvements
- Null values ​​in fields should not be considered as duplicate keys.
- Import Relations, when importing a DB schema
- To be able to maintain more than one active connection, for example to read 2 tables on different servers and exchange information between them
-SCM: 8-byte keys, to be able to replicate

- Reverse engineering from PHP to WLanguage would be impressive, since any PHP site that can be imported would provide WebDev with unmatched flexibility and power, and would open an immense market for developers.

- Updated gallery of examples.
It would be very desirable examples with a careful professional design, with the latest design technologies, both responsive and adaptive, that could be a real starting point for professional projects.
The current examples are very bad, design-wise and very outdated, in fact they are not updated between versions.

Serve Hispanic developers as they deserve, with LST editions in Spanish, or at least WEB versions, that we can easily translate.
Posté le 02 mars 2021 - 17:28
Hello, good day, My suggestion is to add the possibility of working with Fingerprint readers, now that we have OCR in windev 26, it would be wonderful to have how to use a Fingerprint reader and implement it in our Projects,
Best regards
Posté le 03 mars 2021 - 01:47
Ok this is my wish list jajaja, I would like features like:

1) Integrate ML or DL easy (Machine / Deep Learning for edge device)

2) Capability for create workflow (no only draw, I means workflow engine)

3) Bussines Process Management is a another good option

4) Functions for RPA applications (Windows / Web)

l this think are important tools for automatization of process and the market demand applications for this and we can supply custom software to the our customers
Posté le 14 mai 2021 - 18:45
We need, command cli (win and linux) , for compile, for deployment, for testing, for SCM refresh
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Posté le 27 mai 2021 - 07:57
1) I'd like to see more normalization between the features of the products, especially within WINDEV itself. E.g. it can't be to have Repositionable Notes in a Windows app, but not in a Linux app. Some differences are understandable, some not. The promise of platform independency works for very simple applications only.

2) It takes too long a time for fixing some errors, e.g. changing the format of a PDF printout from Portrait to Landscape and back lets the following page "think" it's printing in the wrong page width. Originally, I found this error in version 20. Ok, there's a workaround: at each change of formats, you have to insert an empty page. Not so nice but it works.

3) Features that had been working in previous releases cease to work in the next one. e.g. with v25 Repositionable Notes stopped to work from MDI parent windows, with v26 the 11-compatible RAD stopped working and spits out weird errors.

4) Imho UWP for WINDEV is dead. It never worked fine in WINDEV, trying to make a simple calculator app failed in a spectacular way. I suggest to remove it from WINDEV as a whole. UWP apps are used to make apps running on different OSs and on different hardware. However, Windows Phone is dead, I haven't seen any improvements of Windows for Raspberry or Arduino. Some geeks are running UWP apps (C++) on the UNO platform.

Gunter Predl
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Posté le 20 juin 2021 - 03:58
NEW API for WEBDEV IN JAVASCRIPT i whish they will make a component that you could create on server code populate that component with a Dataset and that this data set vas available to the browser code so you could use this data with javascript components and whish there was a way to call a WL function Realtime from Javascript and calling a Javascript function from WL language without having to use the HTML control, that everything was done through WL language and javascript
Posté le 20 juin 2021 - 14:43
To call a js function from wl, use jsmethod function
To call a wl function from js, variables, fields, etc, is also possible... All the details are here:

And that includes using ajaxexecute function to call a SERVER procedure directly from JS (ie accessing any data you want)

So everything you are asking for is already possible
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Posté le 21 juin 2021 - 06:51
im sorry but according to the documentacion of PCSOFT that can only be achieved when using the HTML control... and i dont want to do that ... i want to use pure WL and JQUERY components on the client side. https://doc.windev.com/en-US/… you can see there that what you mention its only possible when you are using the html control and that is not good for me
Posté le 21 juin 2021 - 12:32
too bad you didn't read my answer in more details..

You are talking about executejs function...

I'm NOT...

Both the "jsmethod" function I told you about and the WHOLE PAGE opf information I sent you are working DIRECTLY on browser js code...

But if you want to continue to ask for functions that already exist, be my guest
Posté le 05 juillet 2021 - 03:30
A PCSOFT poderia comprar esta empresa e implantar todos os recursos deste programa principalmente no WEBDEV. Resolveria todos os problemas para desenvolvimento dos sites
- Sites responsivos
- Javascript

Posté le 05 juillet 2021 - 07:38
WEBDEV is for making WEB APPLICATIONS, not just Web Sites!!
Posté le 08 juillet 2021 - 19:09
FIX this BUG becase in this case WHEN EXCEPTION do not work ,

ws_medio is numeric(3,2)

ws_medio = 10 000 000 / 2
ws_medio = 0

WHEN EXCEPTION do not work ,
take a look in ws_medio

how can i manager calculation overflow?

By the way if i declare ws_medio is Real, works in calculation
but when i Move ws_medio to a Field in a table I get Error, because ws_medio is too big to fit in a Table
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Posté le 09 juillet 2021 - 14:58
I don't want any new features, just fix what's already there and stop introducing new bugs at every release.
Also, instead of doing the "927 NEW FEATURES THAT YOU WONT BELIEVE" thing, just give us REAL developers tools.

- CLI for builds and automation
- Scrap the "in-house" SCM, just let us use git for the love of god, the branches don't even merge properly
- Why the encrypted binary source files? We can't use any other IDE than Windev to edit code which crashes way too often btw
- Actually implement the functions that are unavailable for other platforms, what's the point of being a "multi-platform" environment if half the functions don't even work outside of Windows? If I could, I'd use Java instead, which is a TRUE multi-platform environment­.
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Posté le 11 juillet 2021 - 21:42
Sorry my English.
This is the first time I write here. I think the proposal is very good, but at the same time, reading the messages, I was very afraid to upgrade my Windev 25 to Windev 26.
I'm not a great programmer. I use Clarion for Windows a lot, which has many bugs. I read on Clarion's forums programmers complaining about bugs in all versions, including the last - 11.
I didn't expect so many complaints from Windev, but I think it's important all the comments and I agree and support the proposal to fix the bugs first.
Anyway, as I said at the beginning, I'm not a great programmer like you, my basic suggestions are:
1) Prioritize bug fixes;
2) Free Native Connectors to Firebird;
3) WDMSG should be part of the product rather than being sold as an accessory.
These are my suggestions.
Thanks for the opportunity.
Nelson Carvalho
Posté le 12 juillet 2021 - 11:46
When did you move to windev ? just a question , and my i ask for what reason?
regards john
from the land down under
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Posté le 12 juillet 2021 - 18:49
I didn't abandon Clarion. I work with both tools. I started using Widev from version 18 onwards. However, I don't use it as strongly as Clarion. I know Windev is better, it has more features. Clarion, to have all the features, I have to buy external tools, which makes it more expensive. There are high quality external tools like Handy Tools.
I use Clarion more because I have more time and experience with it. I've been using Clarion since the days of Clarion for DOS.
I'm not the right person to criticize Windev, but I'm concerned about posts that recommend priority bug fixing.
I received an email offering to upgrade to version 26.
Could you help me decide?
Posté le 14 juillet 2021 - 10:30

We as a group of developers have grown up with Dataflex switching to Clarion 3.1. After using Clarion for about 10 years (especially the possiblities of making your own templates were great) we came into contact with Windev (about version 11).
As experienced Clarion developers we did not really want to switch. But Clarion did not keep up with the fast changing IT world. So we switched to Windev. And we never want to go back!
Though Clarion did not cost as much as Windev, it is also a major benefit that Windev releases a new version every year, because it shows that they try to incorporate the new trends and developments every year. And that is of utmost importance for our own development. They do not get it perfect every them and usually correct the shortcomings of the previous version with the 'new features' in the next version.
By talking about it in this manner you might get the impression that Windev is faulty. It is absolutely not!
It is a fantastic tool that makes it possible to develop fast en consistently. Only if you deviate far from the usual programming you encounter things you will have to work around. But name me a developing product that does not have this!

I strongly advise you to switch to Windev.
And sorry to the rest of the Windev developers for going off topic here.

Posté le 14 juillet 2021 - 10:43
New features:
Fingerprint use in Windev en Windev mobile. There are external tools on the market for windev but the ones we tried are to slow.
LST in English!!!!!
Newer examples especially WebDev concerning design, anchoring, planes, zones. And explaining more when to use what and why.
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Posté le 16 juillet 2021 - 13:59
3 "Features" I'd love to see.

Fix: Application that compiles fine in WDM 24, fails to compile in WDM 25&26.
Incident reference is 122 492/560387

Fix: SQL connections not actually multi-threaded, even when run in separate threads.
Incident reference is 115 610/560387

Ability to use current user context when using LDAPconnect.
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Posté le 16 juillet 2021 - 22:59
Hi Mark,

Thanks for the answer.

I agree with your comments, despite my doubts regarding the price. Clarion does not have all of Windev's native features. To reach the same features, if it does, there is a need to buy external tools, which makes Clarion very expensive.

Even so, I would like to be contemplated by PC-Soft with my suggestions.

Once again I thank you for your special attention.
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Posté le 21 juillet 2021 - 16:59
I would love a real integration with Git. The branches are really unusable for example with SCM. The merge always fails, but it is not an error, the code is all mixed up sometimes, procedures with double declaration, END's are added in the middle of the processes, it is really exasperating. There are controls that are put in a different Z order so they fall behind another one, being unusable.
Posté le 28 juillet 2021 - 19:46
More stable, fix bugs, simplify product. Tries to be everything for everybody and fails.
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Posté le 03 août 2021 - 14:54
Carlos Lages a écrit :
FIX this BUG becase in this case WHEN EXCEPTION do not work ,

ws_medio is numeric(3,2)

ws_medio = 10 000 000 / 2
ws_medio = 0

WHEN EXCEPTION do not work ,
take a look in ws_medio

how can i manager calculation overflow?

By the way if i declare ws_medio is Real, works in calculation
but when i Move ws_medio to a Field in a table I get Error, because ws_medio is too big to fit in a Table

You need to add "ExceptionEnable()" to your exception block if you want the program to proceed...

Peter Holemans
www.mcs2.eu | www.pixontri.eu
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Posté le 13 août 2021 - 06:13
You are sooo right on this.... most software now , release many versions (Stable, Beta, Alpha) why not just update thee of them charge for every new stable version each years. I'm a programmer and I need Stable software, not buggy one that crash 1 time each hour. I understand that then need attrack with something new. but they lost all credibility if they continue this way....
Posté le 20 août 2021 - 03:32
- Fully compiled executable.
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Posté le 23 août 2021 - 15:12
1) Integration to Microsoft 365 and all the available programs on it.
2) Small inline charts on all platforms.
3) Progress bars in Webdev Tables and Loopers.
4) Just an easier way to load data in the backend when a page is done loading. The threads and mainthreads not so stable.
5) Integration to SAP Business One.
6) More Windev features on Webdev.
7) The ability to pull data from the WebServer like who does the connected ID belong to. I only get IP Addresses and have no idea who is connected.
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Posté le 24 août 2021 - 12:10
FULL COMPATIBILITY with Excel formulas

if you load a spreadsheet with uncompatible functions (INDEX... my god INDEX is missing... :( ) you get Error value without chances to solve.

This is unacceptable.
Posté le 25 août 2021 - 20:09
I started using Windev from version 11 or 12. I recall one think for sure, the management of the dongle (key) was nightmare, heavily complicated and threatening. I've been told " Better to not loose or damage that key otherwise you might have to purchase a new license"
1 - In 2021 I still dealing with the same burden, fear and I am fed up of it. From 2007 to date PCSOFT can't find another way to secure their applications or it's for marketing purpose hoping people will purchase again and again in case they have issues with their dongle.
FEATURES SUGGESTION YOU SAID? Why not find a better protection system but please take back your dongles. We are sick and tired of the fear of loosing them. If the goal was to secure and make them unbreakable then you miss it.

2 - I am Data scientist working with Python, R and bunch of Packages / Algorithms related to the AI.
SUGGESTION ? Make easy and capable such integration with Python and/or packages and algorithms in this area now. It's the future. I saw a shy approach in one the LST. I know for fact that PCSOFT products can do better in Artificial Intelligence (Machine learning to be specific in my case) cause most of time we pull data and build data set (kind of database) to process with different algorithms. For now I did not see interaction with Python. Maybe one or two tiny function where the marketing team is making big noise for nothing. They are thousands mile behind and catching up is not in their perspective.

3 - I have all three products and work with daily. What is a fact now is that You can Create one project in Windev and use the quasi functions of WB and WDM within one single project.
Why keep selling 3 separate products while we can combine them in one (marketing ???? suck more customers ????)
Make it expensive thats ok but please COMBINED THEM NOW it's time.
INTEGRATING WB and WINDEV could be a big challenge but it worth. Practically I dont use webdev for web but WEB APPS even though the portability remain with WM.

PLEASE don't create no more 943 new feature for Windev 27 but fix THOUSANDS BUGS AND ISSUES PILLING UP EVERY YEAR.
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Posté le 04 septembre 2021 - 18:21
ad 1) Please suggest a better way to copy-protect a software. There's none. Because most protection systems are using your computer as the "dongle" which means that you cannot install the software on a second computer and switch between desktop an laptop. Of course, there's always danger of losing the dongle. Generally, you should not program at the customer's site because you will lose the changes you made more often than being able to integrate them into the program "at home". A quality problem. Our solution to the "problem" is easy. Leave the dongle "at home" plugged into your desktop computer and leave that computer always on. Next, install a remote acess program like Anydesk on the computer and one copy on your travelling laptop. Now you will be able to access your software from anywhere, apply changes to it without fearing to lose these changes and without fearing to lose the dongle.

2) Hint: there's a big chapter in the wx help system about using the WX DLL-functions within other programming languages. Python is able to call C++ libraries, it should be able to call wx functions therefore.

3) Out there, there are many users needing only one or two wx products. Why should they be forced to buy three?

Gunter Predl
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Posté le 08 septembre 2021 - 12:32
Cleiver Coello wrote:
Hello, good day, My suggestion is to add the possibility of working with Fingerprint readers, now that we have OCR in windev 26, it would be wonderful to have how to use a Fingerprint reader and implement it in our Projects,
Best regards

Fingerprint reading is device dependant, whereas scanning a document uses a common generic driver known as TWAIN, that have been existing and unified for decades.
Then OCR is just an image processing, not at all linked to any kind of hardware.. You can do OCR on a simple JPG downloaded from the internet if you need to.

Thats why you cant compare both situations (dealing with hardware VS dealing with image processing).

If you need fingerprint reading with Windev, then it is possible, but you will have to choose a proprietary technology, and just check that you can control it through any .NET, or DLL, Serial protocol, Blutooth connexion or anything else you can imagine or find. This is the same kind of situation that you find when you want to use a specific barcode scanner, or thermal printer. They need drivers or third part software component.

For instance, this article proposes 8 different WebAPI for fingerprints : https://nordicapis.com/8-biometrics-apis-at-your-fingertips/

This said, on Windows platforms starting from Windows 10, there is a new API called WebAuthn, developped by Microsoft, and using the new authentification keys system know as Windows Hello (FIDO2)
You could check this article for instance : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/identity-protection/hello-for-business/webauthnapis

This way, Windows itself manages the devices (any kind of biometric hardware), and let just any application check access, through an authentification process, without bothering about the underlying hardware layer. You may dig in that direction, if you seek for a driver-free way of connecting users through biometrical recognition.

Regards. ;)
Posté le 13 septembre 2021 - 15:31

Un thème natif 100% Windows 11 / Office 365.... Thème clair / thème sombre

transparence, arrondi, bouton, menu contextuel, menu ruban, font, couleur, liste déroulante, onglet, ascenseur, case à cocher, switch, animation, icones !!!