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.Net Assemblies probolem
Débuté par mimmo, 17 aoû. 2022 10:23 - 3 réponses
Posté le 17 août 2022 - 10:23
Hello everyone, my name is Mimmo and I'm moving to winde but I have already developed for WebDev. I've never used .Net Assemblies. I loaded the NAudio dll and I see all the procedures but I can't understand why I risk calling them. He always tells me he can't find them. Es MyProcess is "NAudio.Wave.Process" dynamic gives error in "NAudio.Wave.Process" and the line after MyProcess = Process :: WaveFormat (samplerate, samplebite, channel) other error on MyPorcess
Can you please help me get started understanding how to use .Net
Thank you
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Posté le 11 octobre 2022 - 19:10
Please use the Microsoft platform to learn .NET Once you understand it, you can easily work with it.

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Posté le 18 octobre 2022 - 11:11
you say it is easy in fact it is not difficult.
However, I have encountered the following problems:

1) Not all dlls work, I'm talking about those for .net 5
or subsequent. He loads them but they give an error.
2) In the .net assemble you see the procedures, it does not give you error when it compiles them but when it executes them it says that the procedure does not exist in the dll in question. (????)
3) Code that you have used and executed for 2 months, which you assumed to be working, every now and then it gives random errors without meaning. On the pc where I develop I don't keep anything except Windev and what .Net needs to work.
4) With the latest update the management is a bit improved but it is not yet perfect, maybe using Microsoft's dlls it works perfectly but I use Naudio, FftSharp and ScottPlott are not very good

Thank you
Posté le 18 octobre 2022 - 17:05
Hi to all
I discovered a strange thing that happens to me when Windev compiles the .net assembly
The manual says that in the compiled _dotnet folder there should be the wd270net5.dll, instead the compiler puts me wd270net4.dll.
There is no way to force this compilation with the correct dll