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NetListIPAddress function only returns an IP
Débuté par Hoelb, 03 mai 2023 17:05 - 1 réponse
Posté le 03 mai 2023 - 17:05

When querying a computer in the network, the NetListIPAddress function only returns an IP.
Even if several network cards are active.
e.g. NetListIPAddress("Server") executed on a client returns only 1 IP address.
If it is run on the computer in question without specifying the PC name, all available IP addresses are returned.
NetListIPAddress() executed on the server returns all available IP addresses with CR separated.

Am I doing something wrong. ;(

thank you for your help :)
Posté le 24 mai 2023 - 17:53
Response from Technical Support - Thank you


Because that's how this function works.

When called locally (ie without parameters), the function enumerate all network interfaces on the computer and get their respective addresses.

When called with a name, it does a DNS resolution and returns the corresponding results.

For example, if you try NetListIPAddress("ftp.pcsoft.fr"), you'll get four answers.

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