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Layout problem in iOS
Débuté par Mirte VANBERGHEN, 08 aoû. 2018 10:27 - Aucune réponse
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Posté le 08 août 2018 - 10:27
Hi everyone

So I've encountered a problem with the layout for some iOS phones.

The app is for both Android and iOS, smartphones and tablets.
On Android everything is still working, but on iOS on some devices this screen starts with the layout for a tablet! When changing orientation or clicking on something and returning, the screen is how it should be, though.
To be specific, a 4,7 inches iPhone seems to use the screen as though it is a tablet and a 5 inches Samsung smartphone is correctly detected as a phone. A smaller (and older) iPhone doesn't encounter any problems either.
Now I haven't changed any code for that window since the last build where this didn't cause any problems. I have however upgraded to Windev Mobile 23.

Now I'm wondering how I can fix this ...
The ScreenType function returns phone, even though the window is spread out as though it's an iPad.

I inherited the app, so I didn't originally create the layouts and I'm not familiar with this enough to know how I might be able to fix it by creating a new kind of layout, for example.

Right now, this is the only screen with problems, but it's also the only screen with a different layout between tablet and phone.
I don't know why, but the layout for phones has Android selected as specific operating system and orientation portrait.
The layout for tablets has iOS selected and landscape.
When I selected both Android and iOS for the phone layout, I got the opposite: the layout was too small, not the entire screen was used.

I hope someone can help me shed some light into this, I'm running out of ideas ...