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WD-Mobile barcode scanner via serial port
Débuté par JumslaMatesane, 26 déc. 2022 09:52 - 1 réponse
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Posté le 26 décembre 2022 - 09:52
Recently we got an android tablet with an in-built barcode scanner, when we asked for the SDK, the provider just sent us the android serialport api.

Has anyone implemented the android serialport api with an in-built barcode scanner in windev mobile?

I honestly do not know where to start with this...

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Posté le 23 janvier 2023 - 12:35
I couldn't find any specific examples of using the Android Serial Port API with an built-in barcode scanner in Windev Mobile. It is possible to use the Android Serial Port API with a barcode scanner, as long as the scanner is connected to the device via a serial port. However, the process for integrating the scanner with Windev Mobile using the Android Serial Port API may be more complex than using a dedicated SDK for the scanner.

You can try to use the Android Serial Port API to communicate with the scanner and receive the scanned data. You may need to consult the documentation for the scanner and the Android Serial Port API to determine the specific commands and protocols required to interact with the scanner.
It is also worth to check with the provider if they have sample code, or if the tablet have any specific instructions on how to use it with Windev Mobile.
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